I love me more.

Sometimes when your in a long relationship ; you start feeling like your married. All that comes to my head - is the part where in the 1st sex and the city movie ; Samantha keeps leaving to NYC to be with the girls - and Jared is asking why she is so distant. Then she asks the girls on their trip " Is a relationship saying his name fifty times more a day than my own? " --- Its so true. You start to realize just how dependent you have gotten ; or how used to having them around always you are.

"I'm gonna say the one thing you aren't supposed to say. I love you... but I love me more. I've been in a relationship with myself for 23 years and that's the one I need to work on."

Atleast ; Samantha had her girls there to seize her through it.

Show me something


Ambitious Girl.

Im a poet . So I fall in love with music that sounds more like poetry. This song did it for me for that reason ; and many more. I have always been real prideful of the fact that I am super duper independent - it has been the biggest issue in most of my relationships. Either I never have any time for the person since I am so ambitious to get everything I dream of going. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work ; when it comes to school ; && when it comes to my entrepreneur ventures. I want it all - && I know I can do it all so I go for whats mine. I dont mind if it means no sleep ; & sore feet. I feel accomplished every single day of my life - and thats one of the best feelings I think.


Im one ; Not half of two.


Cus im a Gypsy.

Considering it was the week of the Colombian Independance ; this song fits just right to blog about. Besides the fact that I just love Shakira ; and her lyrical " Oral Fixation " ;]

I can't hide what I've done
Scars remind me of just how far that I've come
To whom it may concern
Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt
'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
I never made agreements just like a gypsy
And I won't back down cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm a gypsy

Pretty Pink Box ....

This is all I received :


I have designed a new tshirt for my ladies * I have not forgotten about the guys ; I will have some shirts up for men real soon .

Check it out & support :)

Back to the MYTOUCH world :)

So as most of my blog followers know by now ; I had the mytouch 1st generation ; when it first came out & i LOVED it - but had one problem - I missed the easy keyboard for texting.

So I went back to my blackberry ------- then Tmobile did the amazing ; and came out recently with the mytouch slide ....OFCOURSE ; I had to get it & ordered it just recently. I am so excited to receive it in the mail. I have been hearing great reviews on it ; not only did they add many new features to it ; but it now has 5.0 MP instead of 3.2 ....PLUS flash. Everything I was having issues with when I first got the mytouch ; is now added to the new mytouch slide. I will let you guys know how it REALLY is when I finally get it :)


Monday Morning.

The lyrics make me reminisce ; the beat keeps my head bumping ; and it makes my soul feel all kinds of ways. Now thats what I call real music. I love the artist she has became. This video catches the essence of NYC also. Missed videos like this !


get yours now ....


You will be seeing me at every corner ; every red light; && every wall in NYC.

Time for some sticker bombing ;)


Heres a tote I am also selling -->


Some of many different kinds of keychains on the site -->



July 17th - @3PM

Saturday, July 17, 2010
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Society Coffee Bar
2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (on 114th street)
Manhattan, NY

The event was created as a way to raise money for my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk team Maggie's Latin Angels and as a showcase for some of the hottest NY performance artists to show their stuff.

>>>>>>>$10 DOOR FEE (THIS GOES TO THE CAUSE GUYS!!!!!!) <<<<<<


This year being held as an afternoon event.... there is a FULL menu of food, wine and beer at Society. Every drink you purchase at Society, a dollar of that purchase will go towards the cause.



Erika "Lola" Nunez
Jani "Bomba" Rosado
Susan Justiniano
Noemi "Siren" Soto
Angela Plugues
Jessica Salazar of www.simpllygorjess.com
Tearless Poet
Vanessa Martir
Reina Miranda
Majestik Originality




I apologize ;

But these things have been taking up ALL my time lately..

1. WORK : It has been SO exhausting working summer camp ; gives me time to not do much at all. But I am so far loving every minute of it. Sure its hot out && the kids get a little crazy ; but its fun & I LOVE my cofamily. They are seriously SO much more than coworkers to me <3 Doing what I love ; working with kids. So I appreciate every second I am there. Even if I am on my feet for like 12 hours every single day. Lol.

2. My Poetry Book : Been working on publishing this book for a while now. Barely have time but when I have the free time it is what I do. I am positive it should be published & ready to sell by September 2010 <3

3. Lastly; Chinese for Dummies. LOL. At my job many of my kids parents only speak Mandarin so I decided to learn - even if it is just the basics ; to make it easier for me to communicate with them. PLUS it will make me multilingual; woohoo !

#NowPlaying !

You all know by now - I am a big Slum Village fan. Cannot wait to download their album on July 27th "Villa Manifesto" !!

Mannn .... this song just makes me zone out ; puts me in a whole different mind state <3


Eclipse Giveaway.

So I just recently WON a giveaway - on http://abeautywithbrains.blogspot.com/ . To my luck it was a ECLIPSE giveaway. So I went to go see it on the day it came out & now that I got all this cool stuff I might just have to go see it again like diehard fan with my new Eclipse shirt :) haha. Here's what I got. BIG thanks to Havtastic && 42west.

July Inspiration & Goals !!

It is finally July ; the most anticipated month for me this year. Not only do I start work at summer camp tommorow ; but me and the boyfriend make a whole year OFFICIALLY together :) Around this time last year ; we were just simple friends going on dates ; that did not involve kissing or holding hands. Now look at us <3 sigh ! Lol.

As you know by now ; I put up new quotes every month around my dry erase calendar so I can see it daily. So here is some inspiration && motivation for your mind - soak it in !!

Now -- I made a SUMMER Bucketlist; I have to cross a couple things out that I did do && add some that I have thought of just recently. ( I will be making a post on the ones I have done already real soon !! )

1. Hair Change; something VERY different !
2. Tattoo - It has a STRONG meaning to it; a special post as soon as I get it !
3. Go to the beach at night
4. Top of the Rock
5. Weekend Vacay @ Log Cabin
6. Publish Poetry Book !!!! ♥
7. Learn Baton again
8. Learn Mandarin
9. Take Basic Painting Classes
10. Start a Photography Portfolio
11. Play Tennis again ; after 5 years !
12. Plant my own flowers
13. Have my own pet ( most likely a fish )
14. Fly a kite
15. Play Badminton
16. Play Football
17. Play Softball
18. Play Basketball
19. Go rollerblading
20. Watch a outdoor movie
21. Picnic with the Girls
22. Go to a concert
23. Go on vacation
24. Have a BBQ
25. Watergun Fight
26. Go to a game ( basketball; baseball )
27. Have a dinner outdoors
28. Make a summer Scrapbook
29. Take a boat ride
30. Botanical Gardens
31. Ride the tea cups @ Coney
32. Make my own perfume scent
33. Make my own pizza
34. Go cannoeing @ Central Park
35. Have a bonfire / Campout
36. Build a Sand Castle
37. Make homemade Icecream
38. Roast marshmellows - make Smores !
39. Make my own Beaded Bracelets
40. Have a Bubble Bath !! <3
41. Pop some popcorn - old school style.
42. Count & watch the stars at night
43. Go fishing
44. Go to a carnival
45. Tye Dye a shirt
46. Make a huge cookie
47. Grow my own butterfly
48. Go biking
49. Rock Climbing
50. Go to the zoo

Theres SO much more ; as though I dont have enough right ? Lol. But lets see if I can do it !!!


My Independence Weekend !

The pictures are all over the place. Lol. TOO lazy & busy to put them in order by the day. So on Saturday I started off my morning at wallgreens ; went and bought my boyfriends God daughter a little present since it was her baptism. After the baptism we decided we would go to top of the rock with his sister ; and it was BEAUTIFUL. Plan on going again for the night sight. We then stopped at the fair ; and got some lemonade - while figuring out where to eat. We ended up going to Renaissance ; sat in the outdoor patio & had some coconut shrimp & stuffed potato skins ....Delicious.

Then Sunday ; we were suppose to go out to eat at Delicatessen on Lafayette; but we didnt get ready on time. So we headed out to the Hudson River Park early && had a picnic -- my boyfriend made some good sandwiches and potato salad - while I of course bring the snacks! It was so much fun; we ate - talked - relaxed ; tanned - && then we both flew our first kites ; added by blowing big bubbles && playing badminton .....it was real fun ; and sweaty "/ lol. After we decided we needed to get some fresh air - so we went back to his place to rest ; watch tv && play some connect four. We headed back out around 8ish to see the fireworks a couple blocks down from his house. It was sooooo beautiful. Must admit ; a lot better than the ones I have seen at jones beach !

On Monday ; I wokeup early && met up with my father ; stepmom ; stepsister && little brother Lucas to go to Jones Beach ....had tons of fun. It was Lucas first time at the beach and he loved every single minute of it. I got so crispy & tan :)

Ohh && going back a bit --- I saw eclipse on Tuesday night - the 12:05 showing of it ---- I think it has got to be the best out of all 3 movies. I loved it ; it was hilarious too. It was the same day I found out also that I won a giveaway on blogger on the movie ...so Im really excited to get my package soon.


Featured Follower on edk.dolce !!

SO happy that simpllygorjess.com &&& DIVASINCHARGE got to be a featured follower on edk.dolce@blogspot.com !! Great honor ; thanks again Elle <3


The great teacher inspires.

" The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher strates. The great teacher inspires. " -William Arthur Ward

As I have said many times before ; I work with kids --- and I am currently on "vacay" till summer camp starts on Tuesday the 6th. OH how I miss those kids so much right now. I catch myself looking through pictures of them. Its insane how attached you get to the kids ; I started feeling this way like 2 days into my vacation time. Lol.

But anyways - I am super excited for summer - I will be up & working for about 12 hours - Monday through Friday. Lots of work; But I know it will be fun at the same time.

Ive been working on some things for summer camp - since the theme is Exploring/ Curiosity in Action. I thought it would be real cool to have up on the daily bulliten board an " Explorer of the Day " - to add to the " Word of the Day " and " Quote of the day " to hopefully help them make good choices daily. Also finished the Levels of Behavior chart.

3 more days to go && counting ......Excuse my lack of blogging during the months of July & August "/


June Favorites !!

These were products I LOVED this month !!

1. Pantene Pro-V Strengthining Fortifiant * Leave in Spray

2. Wet & Wild Mega Last Lippies : I got two in Think Pink & Just Peachy

3. My GoodWood Vampire Fangs Necklace

4. ECO Tools Brushes - AMAZING quality !

4. Secret Lavender Splash : Body Spray && Unforgivable Woman By Sean John

5. Butterfly Flower Shower Gel : Bath & Body Works

6. Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Shampoo && Conditioner. (Currently trying their Leave in Treatment & Split end protector * Review SOON !)

Letter Day 8 & 9.

Day 8 : Letter to a Internet Friend.

Dear Stefanie;

I remember way back when I found your blog site on blogger long ago & would read your post - they were so deep; and though you were going through things you always found a way to make things better for you - you always stayed strong ....and never held back anything in your writing. Your words are so strong & inspiring - Hopefully you know this. You made me think for hours of things I was able to relate to myself. I remember thinking wow this chick is so cool ; I would love to get to know her - as a friend ; and not just some blog I read all the time. Luckily I did get the chance to speak to you a couple times -- && twitter then made it even more accessible. Lol. Your such a beautiful person inside & out ...and I am grateful to have met you through the internet world. Lol. Keep doing what your doing and stay smiling girl :)


Day 9 : Someone you wish to meet

Dear God;

So first off let me start by ; I am in NO rush to get up there - as beautiful as I know it will be. Lol. I feel like its wrong for me to say I want to " meet you " cus I feel like I know you ; but I just want to get to know you better ; be closer to you ; more connected to you. I know at times I turn away from you - rebel against what you want for me ....think I know better than you do when I really dont. But my love for you will NEVER let me stray completely. You have been there for me every single time I want to speak ; never close your doors on me. I want us to be the best of friends.....not just someone I come to once in a blue when I need help or guidance. I should speak to you through good ; and bad times. I am trying my best to make this change - and I know you see this. I want to allow you into my life again - in all aspects of it - without holding back. I miss you all the time ; and wish to meet you with you again and again every night in my dreams. Sometimes I feel you here ; but I want to feel you; hear you; see you more often in my mind ; my heart and my soul.

Love You;

Find me on Zazzle & UPDATES.


BE GorJESS !!! Support && cop a little something to help promote my page.

I have also started my journey in song writing - If you know of any singers that need help lyrically - Contact me : Jsalazar529@yahoo.com !!

My poetry book - is almost done. I will have a sneak peak of it for my lovely readers some time next week :)

I must say I am so HONORED to be contributing/ collaborating with Cynthia on D.I.V.A.S in Charge ! Excited to change the lives of many young girls in the heart of NYC <3

Lastly --- PoetryinPink is in two weeks --- excited ; more so nervous. If you want to come see me & many other AMAZING poets perform / while at the same time helping out an amazing cause ( breast cancer awareness ) come && join me on July 17th !!


Letter Day 7.

Now this ones a tough one .....

To my ex boyfriend : Tony

I cant understand why you loved me so much ; when all I did was hurt you. But I want to thank you for being there at my TOUGHEST time in life. I was fresh out of a long ass exhausting dramatic relationship ; and as a friend in the beginning you helped me through it. I remember laying in bed just talking about all the hurtful things he did and said to me & I would cry on your shoulder. You would tell me how sooner or later I will be fine and that I was an amazing person with so much in store. You made me feel beautiful and wanted ; at the time when I felt less of a woman. Through it all we had such a great friendship - you were my boyfriend for just a week or two ; but you were my BESTFRIEND for two years. We would tell everyone how we were only bestfriends ; and people would laugh - like yeah right. I sometimes did feel like I was leading you on ; and I am sorry if I did - but your company was so hard to stay away from. You took my mind off him ; off all the heartbreak. When I was with you ; I didnt want him anymore - and that felt GREAT. Not because I wanted a relationship with you ; but because I knew I had you to confide in ; or when I needed a helping hand. You really loved me unconditionally - as a friend I did too. I remember all the late nights we used to go drive to different places to eat like fat asses; lol. You used to call me your " beautiful piece of shit " haha. After all the heartbreak I put you through ; you knew deep down my intentions were never ever harmful. I am lucky to still say that I have a great friend in you --- we may not be bestfriends ; but I know you care for me just like I care for you. Time passes ; but you never forget about me - and I appreciate your random calls; texts; visits. We are both in new relationships now && it is a beautiful thing that we can both respect that ; and still be there as friends for eachother. Not everyone can do that with their exs ; and I just got lucky. Your such a great person; with a big heart ( as many times as you say now that your coldhearted - womp womp lol ) I know your really not.....remember I was the one you called " ice box ". You helped the process of warming it up - and I thank you times a million. I will always have tons of love for you tony toca ;)