Livin Single ...

Lately the hardest thing I have been coping with is being single. Yes - I am single after a long year and some months. I get the same questions asked all the time " But why ; you guys were so cute together; you can tell you guys really loved eachother; you guys were so perfect " .....*sigh. The truth is we were. The problem was not US; it was ME. I let myself go - I was a mess of emotions and was slowly losing myself. It got so bad that my confidence was out the window. Which makes no sense when I had a boyfriend that told me every 5minutes how beautiful I was.

I am going through a lot right now ;personally within me that just makes my self esteem very low ....that makes me feel worthless at times. I came to the decision that I must work on the relationship I have with myself. As that saying goes " You cant love someone else; if you dont love yourself ". So thats what I am doing now. I am learning to love me ; unconditionally. Cus if you know me well ; you know I am my bigges critique. I am so tough on myself ; and can be my own worst enemy. Pink said it well - Im a hazard to myself.

Its a tough thing to go through ; even more so now when I dont have much of a support system. But I know its what I need to do. Just keep myself focused on me - and do all that I gotta do for myself. Even if people dont understand my decision ; or despise me for it. I want to love myself - and be happy with myself...so if living single will help me do that ; its a step I gotta take.


BeGorJESS Shirts for sale !

So I am back from my vacation. Got super tan ; and had a blast. It was a great change of scenery ...but I am back & its time for tons of work. I start class & school real soon - plus I am working on a million other things on the side. Its exciting ; as time consuming as it all is.

But this post is to show you guys how my shirt came out. I love it. & I think for my first try I did a good job. I will have new designs soon. So stay updated. If you like the shirt you can get your own at :


Remember us at our best.


Hoes OVER Bros !

A few of my favorite " TV BFFS " .....Makes me miss the old One tree hill days; anticipate for september to come for the new GG season; and watch re runs of the hills ! Then of course ; sex && the city - my number one show of all time when it comes to Girl Power !! :)


I used to LOVE this man. Ahhh ; these songs hit home.


you LIKE this !!

40 people already; and I am oh so thankful. Keep em coming & if you have already liked this you can invite others to like simpllygorjess.com also :) I love you all SO SO much All the support I can get ; is well appreciated.


For all my FAKE friends ...

Cus its EXACTLY how I am feeling right now..


Throwing my dueces up ....

I hate liars; Fuck love im tired of trying... My hearts big ; but it beats quit. Im on some new shit ! <3

What I have Been Loving .....

Hello Miami :)

For people who have been asking me where Am I going for my vacay ....

well of course; Miami <3

I love you NY with all my heart . But your suffocating me right now --- & I need a break. Thank you very much for understanding ;) Lol.

Revlon Grape Icy

Its pretty good. Just dont like how in order to get the color you need about 3 coats.

Love the way you Lie.

This video...brings back a lot of bad memories for me. Gives me chills....makes me want to tear up. It reminds me of certain situations I went through. Certain people that put me through the pain shown in the video.

I remember when I first heard Ems CD this song really hit home. I was able to really appreciate the lyrics ; because it felt it was written for me. I felt it so deep in my soul & my heart felt it.

Even if its a sucky reminder of a fucked up situation I was in ; I love it ...because thats what music really is .....a bottle filled with pure emotion...nothing held back.

Summer 2010

It has been a tough summer. Not only because most of my time is taken up working or doing stuff for school ; but other personal issues I am going through right now. I feel like such a grandma when people ask me to go out and Im always saying im too tired...cus I really am. You try being on your feet daily for like 12 hours walking in the heat ; with about 25 wild 10 year olds. Lol. EVERY single day. Its tough. There is two more weeks left of summer camp .....meaning theres what like a month left of summer ? I start classes on September 13 also. SO Its time to stop being so tired & push myself to have fun this month I have left of summer.

Things I have lined up :

- Mets game
- Luna Park
- Aquarium
- Economy Candy Store
- The Bubble Show
- Hudson River * Movies under the stars
- Bowling
- Sundays at the Beach
- Build a Bear
- Street Fairs
- Hudson River Park * Carousel
- Picnic @ Central Park
- Botanical Gardens
- Go Biking
- Walk the BK Bridge

* Most of this is on my bucketlist for the summer; which I am desperatly trying to do all of. But I guess time will tell.


Vacation ; Come Soon Please.

17 days && Counting ....

August is Here :)

My calendar is pretty empty for now. But I know by the end of the week itll be super packed. Im so glad it is finally august - aka summer camp is soon to be over.

Loose Curls with NO heat.

Heat can be very damaging to your hair. So I find all kinds of ways to straighten & curl my hair without having to use straightners or curling irons. This is how I do my curls. ( Another post on straightning will be up soon also ! )

As you see below ; I use Avons Advance Technique Pillow Curlers.

Step 1: Place damp or wet hair on flat roller. Step 2: Roll up and wrap ends of of roller lightly. Step 3: Unwrap when dry for soft, bouncy curls! For longer-lasting curls leave overnight. For a fun, tousled look roll in different directions.

My hairs pretty dark so sorry for the not so great photos.