February Favorites!

1. MAC Wonderwoman Collection Powder Blush in Amazon Princess
2. Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye shadow Palette
3. Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave Princess
4. Dr.Miracles Deep Conditioning Treatment
5. Urban Decay 247 Glide on eye pencil in Zero
6. Urbay Decay eyeshadow Primer Potion
7. Escada Lipstick in Rouge A Leveres #9
8. Sanrio Helly Kitty Mini makeup purse : Vivitix Collection
9. Got2b Kinkier Curling spray gel
10. Ambi Strech mark smoothing body oil

On mommy mode!

Lately I have been getting soo much done for the little one coming soon. Being on point with my health and getting everything ready for my prince. Feels great to know that day by day I am much more prepaired for him. Heres a little something I am still working on. Its basically a home made notebook which me and the boyfriend will be writing him letters, starting now while hes in the belly to when hes born. I plan on stopping when he is around 9-10 and can really read and understand the letter me and daddy wrote to him way before he was born. I just want more for him, so he can see how special he was for us, no matter what situations occur from here on.

I have been reading this book lately. I actually bought it today on my trip to target, and already up to page 55 ! Its called Belly Laughs: the naked truth about pregnancy and child birth. Its hillarious, I can honestly relate to each and every page in this book. I think its an amazing humourous book you MUST read if your pregnant, was pregnant, or ever plan on getting pregnant. I love it , and I am so happy I got it.I even think my boyfriend would enjoy it and relate to all the things she put her husband through during pregnancy. Lol. She has another book out called Baby Laughs ,which is about the naked truth about the first year of motherhood. So I want to get it around the time hes here, and I will be home all day taking care of him.


Cutest thing EVER.

Jace's daddy found this, and bought it ..and I was so hyped !!
Cant wait to put it on him !!


my current addiction

Did a bit of home shopping this weekend for some things we needed when we move soon. So of course I had to add to my candle collection. It has became a big addiction "/ oh well. Lol.

Glade : Bring on the Blossoms Limited Spring Edition
Glade : Peaches & Petals
Patricia Candles Aromatherapy : Refreshing ( Sea salt & Sea weed )

Its so hard for me not to use any of these candles yet. I gave in and started using one I bought a month ago , so I will just keep using the two I have been using for a while now. Hopefully we will be moved into our new place together by the end of April, so I can light these bad boys up & just relax !


some favorites !

Sunday is the day of the Lord, and im very hapy I got to enjoy a beauitful service this morning ! I decided to share with you some of my favorite worship songs...

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Why do you blog ?

I got asked this question...and felt it was such a great question , that I just had to make a whole post on it !

First off - what do I blog about? Besides reviews,makeup.. I mostly blog about my life & struggles..and how I learned from things, people. Things I like, things I dont like.

I blog about my life - and things I am going through such as my pregnancy because I know their are many people out their that can relate, also because my family and friends read my blog so I know they enjoy staying aware of how me and the belly are doing every once in a while !

I blog about my relationship , not to boast about it ...but to show females what real love looks like. Is my relationship perfect? HECK no. We argue , we have disagreements , he gets on my last nerve sometimes & vice versa ...but I know what a BAD relationship feels & looks like to see the difference...and I know that most of my followers are younger girls who are still looking for someone to fall inlove, and happy with..or young single females struggling to let go of unhealty relationships. I try my best to be that role model for them..in a way show them that it is possible to find that man that will treat you like no other has ever treated you , a man you dont have to change for - or you dont have to change them/mold them into a man. I want to let females know that real healty love exsist. I remember at a LONG LONG period in my life I did not believe in love , in marriage, in GOOD guys....I felt it was pure BS, and it stayed like that for years - until I met Rob. Did I let my walls down right away ? NO. Did I fall in love instantly ? NO. But after some time I felt comfort and stable security in him. I want everyone I know to find that, and be able to not give up on that.

I blog about my struggles/my past because I know through my past struggles I became this strong FEARLESS women , and you learn from other peoples mistakes and struggles...so I share them with all of you so that you dont have to deal with the same things. I feel many females can relate to my blog post, and thats what keeps me blogging. I think its easy to blog about makeup & fashion ...but for someone to open up about their life and be comfortable writing about their past, is a FEARLESS move. Knowing that you can write about stuff that deeply affected you before, and you over came them ...to know your inspiring others to do the same - or to slowly gain that is a big thing. Their are so many young teens/women going through so much right now at this very moment ...and they need to hear that someone just like them went through that same obstical , that same rollercoaster of emotions ....but overcame it, so they can too !

I blog about things I like , because Im not greedy...things were made for many people to have. So why not share with you things I enjoy doing, eating, reading, using. I give my honest opinion about it all , so that you can also go and enjoy it. Also to give others ideas, inspiring to step outside the box...not listen to regular music you hear on the radio, or that your friends like. Give you all more of an option..and help you seek your creativity on a whole other level.

Im prettty sure that sums it all up ! :)

xoxo Jess


take me as i am.

I became this over the top independant person , because of all the struggles I went through with love & life. From being forced to be an adult at the age of 13, to being in a controlling/emotionally abusive relationship for many years, I gained this tough skin , through it all.

This song definately speaks for me !


Baby Update !

I am growing , and im loving it ! my current weight is 125..and lets just say I know longer fit into size small pants or shirts, and I had to do some bra shopping. Lol. I am really appreciating the weight gain my baby has been giving me, going in all the right places. Haha. I still get symptoms here and there - such as aches, back & legs...and headaches! But not as bad ...I am almost done, and June feels oh so close. I have gotten my registry at target done, and will be doing my babys r us registry next week. Also have tons of halls I need to visit this week coming to see where I will be having the baby shower. Waiting patiently for my taxes check to come in so I can use that to get all the shower favors and decorations ! Sooo many things to get done besides that , but luckily because of Presidents day I have a whole week off work to get it all done, hopefully ! * crosses fingers * All in all I feel amazing & emotional. I cant wait to finally have him here, my summer will be far more memorable with his arrival <3


On Repeat !

Cant get enough of this !

Aussie !

Aussie Hair Insurance :
Leave-In Conditioner Spray
Spray-in, stay-in protection

Now this stuff right here is great !!I wash my hair every other day, and as soon as I comb it out, I sprits some of this, and comb through it again. Not only do I love the smell but it helps my hair air dry without frizzing up. Its another product which I believe is the reason I rarely ever use my straightner/blow dryer !

What it says on the back :
Infused with natural Australian Silk Protein, Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Spray keeps long hours, hydrating and smoothing strands with conditioning that you don’t have to wash away.


a must have !!!

There's one rule when you expose your hair to heat — the hair must be protected. This product guards against heat and friction to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft. It's a fantastic tool for instantly transforming all hair textures, enhancing strands' flexibility to reform and hold shape.

How it works :
To guard against heat styling damage and friction, spray this multi-use protective spray to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft. It's a fantastic tool for instantly transforming all hair textures, enhancing hairs' flexibility to reform and hold shape.
Also, the moisture-locking vitamin complex hydrates and is heat-activated to guard against harsh styling damage.

How to use :
1.Spray liberally 6-8 inches away from mid-shaft to ends. Its trigger spray offers easy misting.
2.Use both on damp hair before you blow-dry and on dry hair before curling or flat ironing to shield hair from damaging heat.

A def must if you are straightning , blow drying your hair. Nobody likes fried dry hair !!!!

my 2nd home = my job ♥

I love my job. I dont think thats a secret to anyone. I love working with kids, and though its hard hard work - I am grateful for every minute.. because it is what is going to make me an amazing teacher. These kids touch my heart all in so many different ways. Its great to have a job now a days , but not most can say they enjoy it. I can, as tough as things get. From caramel candy apples, heart wreaths, pennies for a cause, birthdays,to cool activities.


macadamia oil treatment !

The smell of it is great, and I must say it lives up to the hype. I tried other oils for my hair before, and it would just leave it feeling oily (duh! lol) but NOT this one at all . It helped A LOT with frizz and shine. I cant explain to you how beautifully shiny it comes out , and not that greasy type of shiny. It is a must have for hair care. I dont think I will ever ever stop using it. If you have not tried it yet , then go out & get it. I use it once a week !

Revitalizes, Heals and Rebuilds.
Rich in Omega 7, Vitamin E and Anti Oxidants.

Directions: Place closed tube in a cup of hot tap water for approximately one minute. Wet hair, apply genrously throughout hair and massage for one minute. Rinse hair with warm water, shampoo and dry as usual.


One sweet day ♥

I just recently lost someone sooo close to my heart. I miss her and think of her every single day , and wish I did so much more to show her how much she meant to me. I think thats something we all tend to think about once we lose someone, we feel we did not do enough. I got great advice, about how we will always feel that way - just because Time is something we take for granted, but at the same time something so consuming, so no matter what it will always feel we never did enough. This song speaks for me , and I know people who have lost a special someone in their life can relate also !


Spa Nights

Recently me and the boo found a new weekly ritual to do together. Facials ! Lmao. Ive done them on my own all the time but now hes decided to join the bandwagon ;) ! It was very fun to do together , and we just relaxed after. I love doing them. Who would think they really would work when it comes to relieving stress. They do wonders ...and make me feel refreshed and at ease again. Right on top are some facial masks I use from the line Montagne Jeunesse !

Zebra Nails!!

Sally Hansen : Salon Effects , Real Nail Polish Strips ! Last up to 10 days..No Dry time , Just Peel & Apply. Fits all Nails. 16 strips in box with cuticle stick and mini file/buffer. Can be removed with nail polish remover.

The box I got was #310 called Wild Child.
Pros - Easy to use, No waiting for it to dry!
Con - Only comes with 16 - So good for one time use, basically. Thats the only bad thing I found there to be.

I am INLOVE with this product. If your like me , and you get lazy to go to the salon OR too lazy to paint your own nails because - lets face it - waiting for your nails to dry is the suckiest part of it all. It makes me not want to do my nails at all.

I bought this product at wallgreens for about $8 ....but you can get it for about $2 cheaper at Duane Reade, PLUS I found a $1 off coupon in the newspaper this week. SO of course that means I will be going for a different design soon !

Welcome February !

One of my favorite months ! :) I did my calendar not long ago....cus if you know me you know that I am very OCD about organization. Lol. I have a lot on the calendar already of things I gotta get done, when it comes to school work & personal life things ! but I know for sure I will keep adding on to it about every single day. I usuall get to the last week of the month, and there is no room to write anything down on my calendar. I love being busy - with positive && important things to do. Its a great feeling to have a lot to get done , and seeing it all happen right before your eyes. Its one of the best feelings if you ask me.


76 & Counting ...

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Vday Ideas :)

Any female can cook up a dinner, or write a poem for there loved one on vday. Dont get me wrong , I do the whole breakfast in bed , etc. But I find that to be very regular things you should do JUST BECAUSE. So I do things that are on a more creative side. Its true what they say, the best things in life are free. I went all out last year - and have always been this way with all the presents ive ever given. So I am currently working on my new ideas this year for v-day. I can easily get him another watch, or technology device, but thats not what valentines day is for I feel. Its a day to go ALL OUT, like you have never done before to show that person you love them. Things out of the ordinary, not usual day to day basis things.

Here are some ideas for you guys, that I did last year :

Find out soon what I have up my sleeve for this year <333

Baby Jace !

I never thought that love could feel like this ♥

In all of creations, all things great or small - you are the one that surpasses them all :)


Live your Saturday Night Poetically !!!

Come and see me and many other amazing poets recite our poetry this Saturday Night :)!!!!

Dreaming in Ink Open Mic will showcase a line up of artists ready rock the mic to show you what attending Dreaming in Ink workshops can do to your creative poetic self.Come out to a night full of amazing poets, a night for dreamers....

Location : 220 5th Avenue, 5th Floor (near the corner of 26th) , New York, NY 10010

Time: Saturday, February 5 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Feat. performance by:
Kayan James from Urban Word NY
Jessica Salazar
...Nuyerican poets: Roberto Plena Irizarry , Jani Bomba Rose , Angela Plugues. Queer Bronx artist and writer Gabrielle Rivera
Vanessa Martir aka "La Loba" writer of Woman's Cry
Michelle Barrientos aka Ms.B.
Special guest Photographer Benjamin Briu, of the Briu Flash Studio.

$5 @ the door ( Funds collected at this event will go to the NYSYLC's Scholarship Fund)

NYSYLC's Dream in INK is an artistic initiative that mixes poetry-spoken word and the dreamer experience through varies workshops. It provide a safe space to creatively express through the written word, issues that are often considered "taboo," be it immigration status, sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity,class and so on. Through various techniques and exercises, the workshops will provide a space that allows participants to analyze and embrace their identity, strengthen their perceptions of their experiences, and acquire various tools of poetry-writing that can broaden their creativity.