I have this homegirl which I actually met through twitter, since we had the same interest in music. She is for sure my hip hop sister :) I met her for the first time at a Joell Ortiz show, and since then I just know were meant to be show buddies. Lol. She just recently tweeted about Ledisi , and decided to check her out on youtube..& I must say I love her. She reminds me of India Arie with a little Jennifer Hudson in it. Here are some of her songs !


Her Room..

I am far from a Drake fan , but this song just hit me.

Then I found a remix and cant stop listening to it ...

Im just saying with me you had better, I know your boys have told you that lately...after me you couldnt find better !


My prince has arrived.

On Sunday afternoon, June 12th 2011 at 6PM we decided to go to our local supermarket and get some food shopping done. Ten minutes into filling our cart my water breaks. I wasent sure at first if it was my water, until it just kept going and going.....and thats when we rushed home to pick up the hospital bag. We got to the hospital around 730PM , and was told I had not dialated since the last time I was checked ( a fingertip dialated ) so it was going to be a long night. As I was putting on the hospital gown it hit me , I was soon going to be a MOTHER. I layed there as they got everything set up in the room. It wasent until around 12AM that I started feeling contractions. I was having complications with my blood pressure too & heart rate. After a long night of pain & no sleep it was around 830AM when they saw I was fully dialated and ready to push. Little Jace came into this world at 10:52AM, and he was worth all the pain and time.

Its still all so surreal to me. I never pictured to have a child right now..it was far from my plans..but it happened & im more than happy with my life right now. He has made this life so much more amazing for me. I look at him and see a future. I want to give him everything, and I am lucky that everyone in my life wants to give him the world too. I am so blessed to be able to say his father will never leave him. I am grateful for my boyfriends mother and family, plus my own mother and family. Without them we would be very lost right now, but their support has made this journey a lot smoother for us. They are by our side for everything, anything Jace needs or wants he gets, and he is only four days old. Lol. Anything we need they are there too, its a beautiful thing to know your family wants to give,give,give without complaining or expecting for something in return. I look at how bad some people have it ...and consider myself very blessed. The lord has taken real good care of me and my loved ones. I was blessed with the most amazing, cutest, loving, adorable baby ever ! <333


Update on me !

I wanted to do a quick post to let you all know how things are going. I have not given up on my blog , just havent had much time since the baby shower. We have been getting everything ready for my little mans debut ! lol. Still waiting ......but the day is almost here. I am less than two weeks away from my due date ,so any day now ! :)

I felt like I had so much to do before he got here, and I am happy I have been getting it all done. Registered for Fall 2011 semester today , so excited to go back to school like the nerd I am..one whole semester was too much for me to take off, but I know it was much needed during my pregnancy.

I will be blogging more tonight on many things I have in store for you all , plus I got a request to do my summer nailpolish picks ! So that should be fun :) If you have any request you can comment below or hit me up on the twitter : simpllyxgorjess <3