Some motivation for your soul ...

Is there something you must do but you don’t feel like doing it? The best way to feel like doing something is to go ahead and get started on it.

Sure, you may not feel like it, but don’t let that stop you. In fact, you can choose to let that prompt you to get started.

You don’t have to make your feelings into an excuse. You can feel however you wish to feel.

So choose the feeling that will move your life positively forward. Choose the feeling that will get you going.

There may indeed be many factors working against you. Don’t add to that list by working against yourself.

Go ahead, feel like it, and get busy working on it. Soon, you’ll be genuinely feeling very glad you did.

— Ralph Marston

Have a great day guys ! xoxo


Breast Cancer Awareness

October was breast cancer awareness month. So I bought this shirt from Old Navy to show my support ! I was suppose to go to central park for the walk, but got there a bit too late for all that. Lol. Either way , Jace and I had a great time walking around the park & soaking in the sun ! =)

Here is a picture of the shirt I wore :

City & Colour !!

I love his voice. I am officially a fan =) He will be performing on December 7th at Terminal 5 , out here in NYC. I might just go see him ! Def something different from the regular hip hop music I listen to daily !

The meaning behind the ink ....

After I had Jace, I decided on getting my first tattoo. I choose to get "Fearless" across my arm, close to my wrist. I loved it. But not many people understand it. It has so much meaning to me. I am not saying I am not scared of anything....but this tattoo reminds me daily of all the struggles I have gone through.. & im still here. Like everyone else, everything I have gone through has made me stronger & mature. I let love in, when I was scared of falling in love again. I chose to keep my son, though I knew I wasn't fully ready for a child...& through all the pregnancy complications & hard times... I was blessed with a healthy baby. I believe my son made me even more fearless. Lately I catch myself saying " If I was able to survive natural labor, I can do this " LOL. It was a tough tough thing to go through ....& I did it. I was so proud of myself after that....and now even more. I am a mother, a college student, & I work as an educator. So much on my plate, yet I manage to excel at all areas of my life. Im able to show everyone who doubted me that I can do it & I am doing it very well. There are other things I have gone through in my life that I choose to keep private, but trust me ... I have been through a lot of pain & struggle...but I will never act like a victim, because with God in my life I have overcame it all... & I will always be a firm believer that with GOD by my side - I am FEARLESS.

Halloween 2011

Hope everyone had a great halloween. I sure did. It was Jace's first halloween & he was a dinosaur, the cutest dino if you ask me =) ! lol. the boyfriend & I went to a party the day before halloween & dressed up in our trophy wife & sugar daddy costumes..it was cute & fun ! Even though I was super hot under that blonde wig. LOL. On halloween I had work, but after work we took Jace trick or treating with his little cousin. Im very happy he had fun with it...though he is too young to know what he was doing..he was laughing with his costume on & smiling at everyone ! lol.