2011 faves !

1.Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner
2. Dial Yogurt - Apricot & Almonds Body Wash
3. Henna n Placenta Conditioning Treatment
4. ELF Candid Coral Blush
5. Sally Hansen - Salon Effects
6. Wonder Women mac - Russian Red Lipstick
7. Hello Kitty Eyeliner Set
8. OPI - Red my fortune cookie nail polish
9. ELF makeup brushes
10. & LASTLY, my Sony Cybershot Camera - because of it I got to keep memories forever with me of this great year I have had !=)


New Fave !

Amazing miracle deep penetrating re constructor :

This thing is just great. I have loved how silky smooth it has made my hair & I see improvements in my hair since I have started using it also. I use it every week, for about a month now & I have definately

I feel complete !!

Guess who I saw live just recently ?? ......

THE ROOTS ! <3 I have been dying to see them perform live for sooo long & I am so happy I finally did. It was so worth the wait I must say. They were amazing, and the vibe in that place was just amazing. If your a hip hop fan, I most definitely suggest you go see them live whenever you can, because it cant get more hip hop than the roots ! They hit us off with some classics :

& new hits like :


Things I have been recently obsessively collecting =)

Weekend Vacay

I decided what better birthday present for the baby daddy then Atlantic City for the weekend. Lol. We had a great time eating, drinking, partying, gambling. It was definitely much needed since we have not been able to really just enjoy each others company for more than an hour. It was so hard to be away from Jace, we spoke about him like crazy. LOL. But all in all it was a great time & we plan to go back again in the beginning of June for my 25th birthday. Here are some pictures of our time spent in AC ! =)

This is obviously an end of the night photo, LOL :


Thankful that he chose me !

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, I sure did. It was my first thanksgiving with my son & he is definitely what I am ohhh so thankful for. He turns 6months really soon, and cannot believe just how fast time is flying.

In need of motivation.

Its not like I have none...cus if I didnt I wouldnt be getting my great grades in school , nor excelling at work so lovely. When it comes down to school, work & home life as a mommy I have been FULLY motivated & doing all that I gotta do ...which is great. But I think I need more motivation and commitment when it comes to gym time & other errands I have been pushing to the side. I have decided to take a semester off from school , since A) I cant afford it & B) it will give me time to do everything I need & have been wanting to do, but couldnt, due to lack of time.

my goals from this day forward (I wont say for 2012 because I wont wait for the year to begin!)

1. Drivers License... It sucks because I did the 5hr class crap , but it of course has expired so I know I must redo it over again & take a couple classes to refresh my memory, so I can get that road test done & out of the way !

2. ATAS Exam : I have registered to take it for February...so now I must really study my butt off !!! Hopefully with that I can start the school year in September working mornings, so I can spend more time with Jace during the day !!

3. SAVE MONEY ! ---- Man has this been hard for me. BUT its a must, and I need to start asap. Considering I will be making some extra cash at work now for a side gig they offered me..I can easily save money -EASILY. I just gotta really do it. Lol. This money will be saved for a car and a nice house in the future !

4. Pay off ALL bills - I am slightly in debt , thanks to school, & all my credit cards... I have only two more credit cards to pay off & then theres school. I am hoping and praying I can find a cosigner to help me get a loan ...so this part can be slightly easier to cross of my to do list. But I guess we will see ! =)

5. PRAYER - I am looking to experience the relationship I once had with God before. I was very committed to prayer before....I remember never being able to fall asleep without it...and waking up to pray all over again. I believe that prayer can change your life so easily....and I believe that because I have seen it with my own eyes. I want to start going back to church again also. Lately I have been really focused on reading the word of God , every day. I start off my day with devotionals & it has been a nice breath of fresh air every morning heading to work.

6. Tutoring...... YES I was known as Tutor Girl way back when, lol. I plan to make flyers and hopefully start it off as a little side thing I will do on the weekends for a couple hours. We will see how that goes, & if I actually have some time for it anyways.

7. Poetry - I have been REALLY slacking on publishing my poetry book. I was so close to finishing it , until I remember my computer broke on me & none of the work was saved. So I have just been very lazy to redo it , and get it done. But it is something I REALLY want in life to accomplish. I will get it done & have a book release party & all that. I just need to really get it all done & typed out.



I must say year by year I get more & more expensive "/ lol. Here are some things I would want to get myself :

1. IPOD Touch 8GB White
2. Brown short UGG Boots
3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set East West Signature Tote, Beige/Ebony Mocha Monogram
4. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote in Purple
5. New Coat
6. MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Amy' Crystal Bracelet
7. New big wallet
8. Cute Aviator Sunglasses
9. Black Combat boots
10. Black Blazer
11. Another Tattoo "/
12. MAC Lipsticks - Morange,Lady Danger, & Up the amp
13. New Scarves
14. Slipper Socks ! <3
15. Thermal PJS
16. Coffee travel mug
17. Zales Necklace or Locket