Our Room Tour.

Just a glimpse into our room. I am still doing a lot more, and so much I have to hang...since I am a big picture frame kinda girl. Lol & I love wall decals ! I will post up again sometime soon when I finish with some last minute room decor !

All of Jace's stuff neatly organized ! & his favorite toy in his crib.

Our dry erase calendar, that the boyfriend always keeps up to date for me !

Our 42'inch Television that I barely watch TV on ....LOL.

The inside of Jace's crib.. Jungle theme !

As I said... I just cant get enough of Picture frames ! =)

The border we have on the Jace's side of the room, which goes with his crib !

I love candles, & these are most definitely my favorites !

The best bedsheets EVER. Not only do I love purple, but the Indian style of it !

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Miss Tapia said...

love the last pic. What a chunkster!

Anonymous said...

Adorable room!