Maybelline Color Elixir - Vision In Violet

Let me start off by sayingg I LOVE IT. Lol. I love the color the shine, the non stickiness, the packaging. I was a little scared to try a purple on because I didnt know how great it would look on me - with my light skin. But it wasnt as weird looking as I expected and Im so happy I picked it up. I never would have imagined trying this color but I saw someone rave about it on youtube and I figured to give it a try. They had other colors I was thinking about getting - but I thought I would try this one first. I hate hate hate lipglosses that are super sticky or that stiffen your lips and this one does neither - so thats a BIG plus for me. It doesn't have a weird smell either - I like the smell - its not strong but its bare able to wear. I really like the lipgloss itself and the color was another bonus :) Im now very tempted to go and give the other colors a shot.... =X lol


Become a Influenista !

So I was told about this site from another blogger, quite long ago. I didnt have much time to sit down & see what it was all about till just recently. If you visit there site & go to the about section - it explains in full detail what it is ---> www.influenster.com " Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input." I started getting a couple badges , and going on every once in a while to review a specific item I have tried before. Usually now I find myself going on influenster to see what I might want to try out & buy. It really is a great website for beauty junkies. As a blogger I found it to be a perfect way for me to keep blogging. I just recently received from them a 3D Crest White strips set, and once I am done giving it a try I will be blogging about my experience & opinion on them ! So stay tuned ..... and become and Influenista :) !! xoxo Gorjess


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2012 Im ready for you !

Happy New Years guys....

On New Years Eve I spent it at home with my Familia. We watched the ball drop on TV & what not ! It was really nice & low key for Jace's first new years eve.

New Years Day I took Jace on a little walk around the neighborhood, & then we came home to nap for a little. Then me and the boyfriend decided to go on our first date night of the year 2012. We decided on Unos for dessert & then we hit up a new local bar around our way that just opened. It was all in all a great time !

The Unos Deep Dish Dessert we had, it was DELISH.

2011 was an eye opener for me in so many ways. Now I know that pregnancy is NO joke. Lol. I had a tough one, and it came with many complications...but at the end I received the best gift of all. I learned how much you have to really appreciate your mother, because its not an easy job, at all. I figured out that having a child will test your relationship to the max , but if you work on it , it wont break your relationship. & I also learned that through tough times , you see who shows up & who lays back in the cut, who calls you to see how your doing & who only shows up when there's a party going on. Being pregnant showed me who my fake friends were, & having Jace showed me who the real ones were all this time. Everything changes when you have a child....everything is being tested. I dont regret it one bit , because of this experience I saw different people in a different light....and people that I wasn't so close with or lost touch with, were the ones that stepped up, and were there for me in my hardest times. At the end of it all I am happy with how 2011 turned out, it was one of the best years for me. It made me a whole lot closer to my parents , and also to my boyfriends family. I remember how upset my father was with me when he found out I was pregnant ( just because he wanted me to finish up school & have my masters before hand ) but seeing the joy in his eyes when he sees his grandson now is PRICELESS. Jace has definitely brought everyone together, and has brung so much joy into soooo many peoples lives....its crazy how such a little thing can warm up so many hearts & I know he will keep on doing that.

In 2012 I want to better myself for him. I pray to pass my exam, so I can have a better job by September. I am determined to get a car, asap. So I can take him everywhere, and let him experience everything...camping,amusement parks,etc. I want so much for myself such as publishing different books ( currently working on my first ever childrens book). All will happen in due time if I just stay focused. I know I can do it, so I will push myself daily to do so.

I hope everyone had a great New Years..and wish you a happy healthy & blessed 2012 =)


Our Room Tour.

Just a glimpse into our room. I am still doing a lot more, and so much I have to hang...since I am a big picture frame kinda girl. Lol & I love wall decals ! I will post up again sometime soon when I finish with some last minute room decor !

All of Jace's stuff neatly organized ! & his favorite toy in his crib.

Our dry erase calendar, that the boyfriend always keeps up to date for me !

Our 42'inch Television that I barely watch TV on ....LOL.

The inside of Jace's crib.. Jungle theme !

As I said... I just cant get enough of Picture frames ! =)

The border we have on the Jace's side of the room, which goes with his crib !

I love candles, & these are most definitely my favorites !

The best bedsheets EVER. Not only do I love purple, but the Indian style of it !


Pretty Little Liars.......

I have became addicted to this show & im so excited its back tonight.
Who do you think is A ?
Lets see if we find out this season ! <3