four meses

Jace is officially 4 months. I cant believe how fast time is going. He is a joy to have, the happiest baby ever. He laughs & smiles all the time. I really couldn't have asked for a better son ! He is now sleeping through the night , most of the time. He has started teething already so at times he can be a little crabby patty, but its normal. I can only imagine how terrible it may to teeth.

He has definitely captured my heart. Every single piece of it =) !!

October is anti bullying awareness month !

October is known for so much , & now it has been made the month for anti bullying awareness. I think its such a great idea to spread the word about bullying. I feel it has gotten worse and worse as the years go by, and it is affecting so many lives, that it should not be taken lightly any longer. I don't think people understand how deep their words can cut people. Working with kids I see a lot of bullying, unfortunately...and I just think about my son & what if its still this bad when he starts school. I don't want him to be on either side of it , the bully, nor the one being bullied. Its a very sad thing to see, because the bullies either don't see anything wrong with what they are doing , or they feel it will make them popular , or much more liked. I think its great to get the word out about it at a young age. I work with kindergarten kids, & I was so happy to teach them the importance of this. The fact that they some what understood what I was saying, & they were able to define a bully at the end of the day - made me feel 100 times better about the topic. I think if you keep on explaining it to them , they will see how important it is, and really take it in. A little goes a long way, and you just never know if your saving a life by doing so.

Here is a picture of me on the day of the event at my job. We all decided to promote awareness by wearing blue.

Here is also a cool bracelet I found on ebay. It read " Say no to Bullying " ! Love it.
Get yours on ebay - seller name is : Tanitog , I also got my Breast cancer awareness ones from this seller.


Manhattan Luxury Cakes

I know I have a lottt of blog posting to catch up on -_- ! Ive been a full time mommy, educator & college student....a lot on my plate & so little time.

But anyways - Here is a post I wanted to do about my boyfriends cousin, Natasha. She has her own baking business, which she runs from her own home. Just recently she baked cake pops for my jobs halloween bake sale, & they sold in just a couple minutes. Not only were they tasty, but amazingly beautiful to look at.

If you or someone you know is having a birthday party, baby shower, wedding, baptism, etc & your in the NYC area - I suggest you check out --


or find her on facebook & like it -- manhattan luxury cakes

Here are the cakepops she made me of ghosts,pumpkins,witches, & frankenstiens =)