Not a Fan of ....

crazy girlfriend + crazy boyfriend = Bipolar Love ♥

UMMM... next ! I am a fan of healthy relationships ; not bipolar ones. It is FAR from cute when either both of you ; or one of you cant decide to be together or breakup all the damn time. Lol. It is also not cute to be "crazy". No one wants to feel like they got a 2nd mother or father. So take that somewhere else. IDK who would really be a fan of this...yes it is healthy to argue in a relationship - ONCE in a blue ; but not every other day - & then break up over it. You are not the notebook if you fight - stop thinking your Allie & Noah ... & comparing your love/hate relationship to a movie love story. Everyone should find a man or woman that just loves you for you - & does NOT make you go completely insane & out of your mind psychotic. Find someone that brings out the best in you ; someone who knows they want to be with you - no doubts about it. Dont settle for less; even if it means being alone for a while till you do find that great person ♥

We Love You Selena ♥

So now I am lost - not long ago ; like maybe umm ; a month ago they were showing on TV a show all for selena & it was recollections of her songs being performed in her memory. I thought it was for her birthday maybe - but her birthday is actually in April. Hmm?

Neway - Today on March 31st makes 15 years since her death. Its still so sad to me; because she was one of my most favorite singers ever. She was the one I used to sing to when I was like 6-7 years old. I used to make my grandma make me outfits just like hers and I would grab my karaoke mic & sing my heart out to Como La Flor. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. She was the reason I asked my mom to get my bangs cut; Lol.

As many of you that know me when I was little me; my cousin & two bestfriends would rehearse every weekend to make shows for our families at least once a month. We would do group songs*& solos. Yes - all at the age of like 7 years old. Lol. We used to ALWAYS do Selena songs ; she was always somehow part of the show. So it brings back really fond memories of my childhood when I hear her songs.

I remember the day we heard of the tragic loss ; I cried my eyessss out. It was hard - I guess since I was just 8 years old I didnt understand why it happened. But I remember going the very day the movie came out in theatres with my bestfriends & family and just crying so much && on our way home we were all still in tears. It is horrible that we lost an amazing & talented young lady. Selena would have still been killing the music industry right now; I know that.

May she rest in Peace ♥ We love you Selena !


StreetStars @ Marfa Lounge

My boyfriend is part of a REALLY talented underground hiphop/r&b/rap group named StreetStars. He is one of the two R&B singers in the group - Yes; my boyfriend can sing ( super sexy I know !) LOL. Last night was his first time performing with them. It was so cute seeing him super nervous yet anxious. I went of course to support my boo ♥ & he did his thing. I am SO effing proud of him. He was nervous for nothing , cus he sounded amazing. I am happy that I pushed him & made him realize that his talent was something he had to show to the world; a gift God had given him to share with everyone & the whole crowd loved him. As embarrasing as it was for him to get off stage & sing to me ( GRR! lol) It was the cutest thing even if he did put me on blast infront of way too many people. My boyfriend is going to be the next Trey Songz ; just wifed up * sorry girls :) !!



They are going to perform @ Marfa Lounge again April 5th @ 9PM if anyone is interested. There are many other performers & amazing talent in one room - So come out to the LES for some fun & GOOD music.


Quick Post ...

Im here at my boyfriends ; while he is taking a shower I decided to do a little blogging. Took some pictures of my shirt. As many people that know me know that I have been looking for a nice ; yet unique looking shirt that says " I ♥ my Boyfriend " &&& I FOUND IT :) It made me super happy when I saw it. I wanted to tell my boyfriend but I didnt - I just ordered it & waited till it came. I got it in the mail on thursday && decided to wear it when I saw him today. So when I got into his house he had a bouquet of flowers on the bed for me :) aww - so I was like well I got a little surprise for you too & took me coat off to show him it. He lovedd it ! Lol. So here are some pictures ! <3


10 Happy Places :)

I was tagged by Bond Girl to do this blog . It is 10 pictures that bring me back to happy a place in my life. So it does the trick when im really down & out.

On our way to the beach with my bffs - Summer 09 ♥

My birthday cake May 09 - It was the dominican cake. This birthday was just plain & simple the best of the best !

A picture taken at a local bar I went to one night with my boyfriend & the bffs in the summer. It was a funny sign ; & just a great night spent with great company !

My pain in the butt brother ; this picture reminds me of the day where I am pretty sure was the first time my boyfriend came over to meet the familia. But I love this picture because my brother brings out my silly side ;as you can see.

This was when my boyfriend was SO sure he could beat me at Madden. UM yeah ; negative. The one who scored 87 was ME! :) LOL.

My Godbrother; My little Nugget. This picture was taken the day that I invited Rob to go with us to the arcade & mcdonalds. It was when me & him were still just friends & the first time he met the nugget. It was a fun day && then I bought those for him at some store & we took a bunch of pictures with them on. Lol.

My boyfriends t-shirt one night we went to the movies. I kept telling him over & over how much I loved it. I took a picture and sent it to all my bestfriends. Lol. It reminds me of the beginning of our relationship - it was deff one of our first dates as an official couple.

CHEESECAKE ! :) You all know I just love cheesecake. But this night was pretty classic. It was a very spontaneous night where me & the girls went to one of our favorite bars in the city called Tonic. We had a BLAST. One of the best nights with them. Lots of free drinks & dancing too <3

Astoria Park. I love love this part of the park on a sunny summer day. I had gone to the pool out there & after we just decided to relax in the park & catch some sun. Got some sandwiches & just enjoyed the scenery around us. Deff a spot I will keep on going to .

Lastly ; another spontaneous night with friends. We had nothing to do after playing pool & having some drinks..So we decided why not drive out the the beach & wait for the sun to set. It was beautiful - as tired as we all were. It was another great night - reasons why I love summer in NYC ♥

"Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient." - Aristotle

Turn it off, take action for Earth Hour !

Today at 8:30 PM will be earth hour all around the world people will be taking off all of there lights. Landmarks like the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Empire State Building in New York, St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney's Opera House, and the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens will go dark for one hour. The goal of the World Wildlife Fund-sponsored event isn't to save energy on this one day -- it's to raise awareness of climate change and energy conservation all year round.

So use this hour in the dark to plan what you're really going to do to help the planet. There are lots of things that take less than one hour but add up to a lot of conservation.

For example, you could start doing any of these things:

Turn off lights when you leave a room for 15 minutes or longer.
Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
Put your computer in power-save mode.
Turn off video game consoles when not in use.
Seal air leaks, adjust your water heater, and control your thermostat to lower energy usage and waste.
Go meatless on Mondays.
Watch out for energy vampires around the house and unplug the biggies.
Swap out all your light bulbs for CFLs.
Stop catalogs and junk mail from piling up in your mailbox.
Reduce the brightness of your TV set to the "home" mode.
Use up leftovers, compost, and avoid wasting food.
Find out how walkable your hometown is and try walking to your weekend errands.
Fix a leaky faucet or toilet.
Use the low-water and low-heat settings on your dishwasher, and don't pre-rinse dishes.
Hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline in spring and summer.
Take public transit to work or school.
Install dimmer switches on your lights and plug appliances into smart power switches.
Get more ideas for living green, saving energy, saving water, conserving limited resources, and saving money at the same time.

Earth Hour is only 60 minutes. It's a start, maybe a wake-up call for some when they see landmarks and cities go dark. What we do the rest of the day and the rest of the year is what counts in the long run.

I got a lot of request on what I should blog on ; So I am trying to get them all done today ! No promises though. Lol

So here are my Top fave Perfumes - which aka I am ALL done with =( * My birthdays in May * hint hint * haha.

These are just amazingly delicious. I have a thing for sweet scents that remind me of summer. Lol. Not too sweet ;but JUST right. Here are my top ones !

1. Dream Angels : Halo from Victoria Secret

2. Guess by Mariano

3. Paris Hilton By Paris Hilton

4. Love Kills Slowly by Ed Hardy

5. Ralph Lauren : Romance

Epik High ♥

SO I am very very open minded with my music. I came across this South Korean Indie Hip Hop group called Epik High. I LOVE IT. Cant help but find the lyrics to this song beautiful ♥ Listen & see for yourself.

25 Things that Irritate me !

1. Having people wait up on me.
2. No HOT water to shower ! Grr.
3. When someone makes plans ; yet does not care to call & say they cant anymore.
4. When people act like there NOT texting while speaking to you on the phone; lol.
5. People who stare real hard on trains/buses.
6. A person who can lie straight to your face; without feeling guilt.
7. When my phone freezes on me :(
9. People who are way too cocky ; for no good reason.
10. When someone keeps asking me if I am okay ; over & over.
11. Guys/Girls who are over the top clingy to there boyfriend/girlfriends.
12. People who ignore answering serious questions.
13. Guys who wear shades at night ! Please; just stop.
14. When my room is messy; I cant sleep in a messy room.
15. Frames/Pictures on the wall are not straight.
16. Drunk ANNOYING people; who swear up & down that there NOT drunk.
17. Girls who act like super slut buckets.
18. Guys that holla at you on the street ; and then when you walk away from them automatically you hear " your not even cute bitch " --uhuh. lol.
19. Getting followed around a store ; like im gunna steal something. DO I LOOK LIKE IM GOING TO STEAL YOUR DOLLAR NECKLACES?
20. When I go to a mets game; and they lose :(
21. Trying stuff on in fitting rooms ; too much of a hassle for me. LOL.
22. Forgetting I have makeup on & rub my eyes =/
23. Real cute guys ... that have no brains; very unfortunate.
24. Doing something for someone; and not getting a thankyou.
25. Caddy girls/guys , who want to start stuff or "not like" someone for no real reason.

I tag you all ; because - I'm way too lazy to be specific :) LOL

Self Love ♥

sometimes when entering a relationship, whether it is a friendship or dating, people tend to forget about themselves and put the other person(s) first. its a good attribute not to be a selfish person but you also cant be selfless. its not healthy to concern yourself with someone else to the point that you forget about you. i am guilty of this and many people i know are guilty of the same thing. over the years i have learned to focus on me more, i think it has to deal with age and self love. as you get older and grow into your own you are no longer worried about what other people are thinking of you so you are no longer trying to please them. when you stop focusing on pleasing other people then you can focus on you and loving yourself. self love is something that takes time. it is a process and unless you love yourself one hundred percent you can never be happy. you cant make someone else happy if you are not happy. unhappy people succumb to low antics.

25 Random Facts about me :)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1.I save all my fortune cookie papers
2. I really do enjoy playing video games
3. my underwear always has to match my bra -- OCD? i think.
4. I have more than 30 pairs of shoes
5. When I was younger I wanted to change my name to KIMBERLY? lol.
6. I cant sleep with any kind of mirrors facing me or around me.
7. I say I know what I want ...but most of the time I DONT.
8. Flowers can change my mood right away.
9. Scared of mouses; they do NOT look cute like mickey mouse.
10. I enjoy my conversations with tmobile reps on the phone. LOL.
11.I usually act like a complete bitch when im at a club; so guys wont approach me =X
12.I like being called PRINCESS<3
13. Icecream is always what im craving for.
14.I hate being ignored; something I cannot stand.
15. I have been keeping a diary since the age of 10.
16. Im writing a novel; and soon enough a memoir..hmm stay tuned.
17. Im trying to be more spontaneous & live life for the moment..im doing good :)
18. I love love kids; they make me smile more than anything.
19. Sleeping during thunderstorms is the best.
20. I know all the lyrics word by word or JAY Z & NAS.. test me!
21. I care for others a lot ; even if they do me wrong.
22. I dont take what other people think about me to the heart; I love myself for who I am.
23. Im actually really goofy && ditzy
24. I sing a lot during the day...in my house. LOL.
25. I shower 2 sometimes 3 times a day; OCD AGAIN? yeah.

I tag : Lizzy. Rai. & Stef <3

my pretty pink box..

So I received my pretty pink box about a little more than a week after I had purchased it online. It is a box where you can get samples on beauty things to try out. I expected a lot more; a bit more of a bigger box ....but ehh. Lol. It was 8.99 so I guess it was somewhat worth it.

So I got a goats milk soap called : Falling in Love. I have been using it everyday since I got it . The smell is amazing . I guess the name fits it well ; because I am addicted. Its from Mea Culpa Bath & Body shop. You can find her stuff on : http://Meaculpabodyandbath.etsy.com

Next was Revlon Fantasy Length Intensifying 91002 Lashes. I have not tried these out just yet. I have long lashes already natrually so I never wear falsies...but one day I guess it will be fun to try something new.

This is an Aloe Vera Facial Mask. It is said to help heal over worked skin. Have not tried it yet ; but certainly something I will post about once I find out the effects of it. It is from myfaceworks. They have there own site for you to check out : myfaceworks.com

By far my favorite product in the box ! The lip delivery nutrition chap balm. Certified organic. From stormsister.biz --- This is amazing. It feels great on my lips && great for dryness of the lips. I put it on before I add my lipgloss. Great minty feeling !!

I also got a sample of some perfume from Cherry City. I wasent so much of a fan of the scent though ; but maybe its just the scent I receieved. * Pizelle. It was too sweet for me.

If you would like to receive your own pretty pink box ; they have them available every month - new goodies all the time.



Womens History Month Art Gallery..

I work for an amazing Company named University Settlement. Which is currently right now having a Art Gallery which was designed by all the children of our after school site in the Lower East Side. Basically it is to give appreciation to all the woman that have made history in our world. Important woman ; and just to show the strength and LOVE of every woman around the world. It came out GREAT. I love to walk into this art filled hallway daily now. Its something people would enjoy seeing in person. My boyfriend has gone to see it; & my mother is going this week also. If you are interested let me know ! We are located on Eldrige & Rivington. Here are some pictures ; but not giving it all away for you. Lol.

Special Events && Websites.

This is going to be a post on quick shout outs & promotion for some dearly loved ones of mine ♥

FIRST off - My boyfriend will be performing with his group - * StreetStars on Monday - March 29th @ around 9-10 in the Lower East Side @ Marf Lounge. Come join me & see them perform ; they are amazingly talented & I am very excited for them. Will deff be there to support him; & you should too ! :) Marf is located at 101 East 2nd Street !!

NEXT - BIGGG shoutout to my co-worker / friend Tina G ! This is what I call an artist. She has got to be one of the most inspiring females I know. She is now selling her handmade; unique - one of kind journals. You can go check them out here at her site :

Lastly a shoutout to one of my R.L.N Ladies - Angelique. She is an amazing poet/ writer & everyone should check out her site. It will inspire & touch the lives of anyone out there : www.penhittingpaper.com

xoxo ♥


Prayer Journal ....

I must admit ; I have became a real slacker when it comes to praying. There are many nights im way too tired to even pray. I try my best on the next day to pray in the morning when I wake - even if its just a quick thankyou Lords for another day today. It is hard to keep in your schedule - but it is not a good enough reason. So I found a easier way to get it done ; & remind me of what I must do.

I found this beautiful journal one weekend when I went to Barnes & Noble with my family. I loved it ; not only because it has a beautiful prayer that I LOVE. But the picture on it & colors are so soothing & relaxing.

I write in here while I am on the train everyday going to work. I write basically everything that comes to mind that I want to pray about - from things going on with me; my family; friends; and friends of friends that I want to keep in my prayers every day.

So it is a faster way to be able to pray once night comes. I can look through my prayer journal and just emphasize to God what it is I wrote in it & why I want that prayer to be taken into consideration by him. Lol.

I basically have a journal for just about everything ; prayer journal - devotional journal- poetry journal- work journal- dream journal - bible study journal - monthly event journals - song lyric journal ETC. I guess I just find it as a way of being extremely organized. Lol.

My Tuesday ♥

So I think I may be the like 5% of females right now NOT watching the bad girls club fuckery. Lol. I am currently studying && doing things for work - while watching the news. YUCK - I feel so old. Lol , but whatever.

Today was a pretty good day . It was bake sale day @ my job today for the kids. I brung some delish pink;red;white cupcakes. They came out greattt :) Saved some for the boyfriend - && decided to be a sucker for love that I am and put the toothpicks in them ; as you see below. Lol.

After work we had Revolution Ladies Night. I am so proud of my co-workers for doing this amazing group meeting every week for NYC females. It is an amazing way to just express yourself artistically. We have done different things from spoken word events, to canvas art , and group discussions on body image; relationships etc. I have met very inspiring woman through this. Today me & Tina made a banner to put up at my job for the Art Gallery we will be having for Womans History Month. It came real great & glittery. Lol.

With my kids today I also finished our piece to put up at the art gallery event on Friday. They all drew different jobs females can do that people have always said only men can do - such as : Doctors; Pilots; Navy/Army; Police Officers ETC. It came out so cute && I know many will love it.

I was in the cooking mood all day today - I made me some great breakfast in the AM; and once I got home not long ago I was in the mood for some steak & french fries - So thats just what I made. Now my stomache is happy. Lol.

Gunna go finish all I gotta do - OHH & I got some packages in the mail today.

My Victoria Secret package ;) - no pictures ; sorry thats for only one persons eyes only. Lol.

&& Lastly I got this new keychain for me & the BF. I got us one a while ago which was two pandas holding 1/2 hearts that link together metalically. Loved that one so much I decided to get us these new ones <3 He has no idea ; but I guess he will know once he reads this. Lol.

Goodnight my loves <3


My Sunday was great. I wokeup and my boyfriend came over with a rainbow icee at hand :) That just made my day. We then met up with my father; stepmom ; step sister; & baby brother Lucas to go eat at El Fogon Costeno. A Colombian restuarant, that is great. From the music to the food they have it was very good.

From there we went to my dads house && played with baby Lucas, plus played Wii Sports ( bowling; boxing etc ) with my stepsister & boyfriend. I sucked at bowling BAD ; lol. But in real life im good at it !! I did well in boxing ; think I kinda scared my boyfriend - now he REALLY knows who is boss ;) Lol. *correction : Boss Lady :) !!

We fed Lucas his bottle ; he is the cutest little thing ever. I loved that I got to spend time with my dad & them since it had been a while since I had gone over to visit. It was a great day all in all.

Then after me and the boyfriend decided to be fat asses & have pinkberry. Lol. If you have not tried the new Mango flavor -- you must go do that; ASAP.

Back to work tommorow ; I missed my kiddies & very excited to see those munchkins ! I bought a couple of Easter stuff. So im looking forward to decorating eggs && making a easter egg hunt for them.

Hope you all had a great & BLESSED Sunday today ♥

Happy Birthday Abuela !

Today was my grandmas 76th birthday. Im so blessed to still have her in my life. I swear she is the only one - besides my parents that I know will be there unconditionally; no matter what. && go through hell & back for me to just be happy. I love that lady so much - & no one can replace her. I was grateful to have gotten her as my grandma & cherish every single moment I have with her. I took her; my mom & brother out for some applebees & then we came back home & waited for my boyfriend to come so we could cut a cake for her. It was real fun. She was so happy everyone was calling her & then her "boyfriend" ( she calls Rob my boyfriend ; her boyfriend. Lol.) got her flowers & I know he made her day even more with those - so thankyou baby.

Then we just relaxed here - ate some food; heinekens :) & the boys played playstation; since my God brother came also they were taking turns. My boyfriend is sucha little kid when hes around children ; lol. Its cute though. I bought the little nugget a renewal membership to his club penguin and he was helping me out with mine. ( PS : I only made one a long time ago because he wanted me to play with him in it ! Lol ). It was a very nice & chill saturday <3

Hope everyone had a good one too !!


Video of the Day...

The boyfriend && my little nugget - God brother ♥


First we was friends, then became lovers. ♡

Happy Anni to me & the boo ...
Cheers to 8months of no fights about twitter; facebook; etc.
Cheers to 8months of no breaks or breakups.
Cheers to 8months of no name calling or put downs.
Cheers to 8months of being able to just be ourselves no matter what.
Cheers to 8months of telling eachother everything & anything with ZERO drama.
Cheers to 8months of no controlling each others lives.
Cheers to 8months of pure happiness ♥

Many people keep saying I'm living in a fairytale ; that soon my relationship will turn sour. Maybe it will someday ; but right now I'm living in my perfect relationship - the one I have been wanting for ever. I found my prince charming :)

Thankyou baby for being what every other boy couldn't be - a REAL MAN !

He has a little something planned out for tommorow ; & im excited - little does he know I got something up my sleeve too :) mwahaha.


B.G.C - #FAIL.


Hopefully I do not offend anyone on here - because I know I have many readers & friends that watch "The Bad Girls Club". BUT I am so HAPPY that this crap is over & off tv - until next season. BLAH. I used to watch the BGC when it was really about improving females with bad characteristic traits; like season one. From there it turned into a whole other kind of show.

I am not a big reality tv fan - I cant stand many of them. I dont see the point in watching other peoples lives as entertainment ; like yours is not good enough to focus on. Dont get me wrong I enjoy some of them ; very few ones that really help you & teach you things about life & make you want to get up and doing something with your life; making differences.

But thats tough to find now a days on tv - which is why I rarely ever turn on my tv anymore. The bad girls club bothers the shit out of ( excuse my french ! ) because what is the point? to show people your bad ass & you can fight ? uhm . NEXXXT. Do you know how many young girls watch this show & look up to these females? OUT OF ALL FEMALES; these females fighting; cursing; punching for no real reason at all. Its sad.

I know many people enjoy it for the drama ; but its just not something I will waste my precious time on if its not helping my hustle ; or feeding my soul.

Simply Me.

Lets show the world you my golden girl; when we shopping they see us on the streets & say son scooped a hot one ....


You taste like banana cake ; your shaped like the number eight ; & you my number one candidate - I cant lose you. Its like im betting in Vegas - Crucial. Sweatin; knowing these players is wanting you boo.


I get the chills when you in my sight ; feels like its meant to be right. I get a rush when I kiss you at night ♥


Throwback Tuesdays Music...

I miss them ; ODE. I loved there music - & loved them. haha. I dont know what it is about them but there both super sexy to me. IDGAF what you think. I guess its there talent & confidence ; always makes a man sexy.

Nailene So Natrual ....

Everyday ; natural look. For Busy active lifestyles....24 nails/ 12 sizes. Glue included. * My Opinion : I LOVE THEM. They deff are everything they say they are. They look super natural as if I did them at the salon. I work with kids, wash dishes, clean, cook, do my hair , shower two sometimes three times a day -- & these STAY on & Do NOT chip at alll. They are amazing. I have been missing my longer acrylic nails - but did not want to ruin my real nails and spend mad money on it. But Nailene just made my days a bit sweeter <3

* Best part - They were like $6 dollars & it took me about 10minutes to do them.

Go get yours now ; will be something I keep on buying - for sure.