question of the day ....

IF you were able to wake up tomorrow morning having gained any one ability or quality; WHAT would it be ?

That one is TOUGH ; but my answer would have to be " THE GIFT OF GOODBYE ". I wish I was that kind of person that saw the good ; in goodbyes. The type of person that did not dwell on the past or situations .. and just said ehh , it is what it is. I think that's such a great quality for someone to have because it saves you so much time & stress. It lets you see the positive in any negative situation. I have a friend that no matter how long or amazing the relationship is ; she can learn to move on from it ...and not from finding a rebound, but by just seeing the good in it & never looking back. I think that's amazing, like I have no idea how she does .. but i WISH I was able to do the same.

So what do you think ....What would ability or quality would you want ?



hello kitty love <3

I have this insane addiction with Hello Kitty. Like anything I see of her I need to have. LOL. It's sad , I know. But everyone that knows me well feeds into it , by always buying me things wenever they see it too. Its cool that when people see Hello Kitty things they right away think of me. My mom and dad are always coming home with something for me of HK. Its cute. :)

But besides that ...I remember when I was younger I used to have a pen pal ; all the way in South America * Colombia to be exact. I used to write to her and send her stuff && she would do the same. It was so cool. I want a pen pal again ! LOL. I just got a cute new stationary set also, with no one to send things to -- I mean I write to my cousins once in a while && my grandma .. but thats about it. I love getting mail at home ...which I guess explains my five magazine subscriptions && my ebay addiction. LOL. =/ So if anyone needs a pen pal , let me know :)

Hope everyone has a great && very blessed day ! <3



my wish list :) UPDATED.

SO of course I want happiness, love && peace..all that good stuff...but um, we are living in a material world && i am a material girl ..so here I go listing my wish list of things I want. I will cross them off while I get them :)
* my birthdays in may * hint hint ! lmao.

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy -- Authentic or not , as long as it doesnt look fake I'm happy.
2. Ipod touch or pink Ipod Nano
3.Gossip Girl Season One
4. Gossip Girl book Collection
5.Pocket Size Bible ( because the one I have is HUGE & weighs more than me ! LOL)
6. Chanel Frames
7. New phone - either Blackberry or IPhone
9. MAC; LA Girls; LA Color; Sephora; ELF; NYX; Mark; Urban Decay Makeup
10. A HUGEEE Hello Kitty
11. A cute fish - either a Dwarf Puffer; Bettas; or Pink Cichlid
12.Forever 21 Gift Cards
13. Anythinggg that has to do with Hello Kitty <3
14. Shoes shoes & more Shoes !
16. Miss Dior Cherie;Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker; Paris Hilton Perfume; Viva La Juicy Perfume Set
20. A new ceramic Straightner
21. A trip to Florida for a week <3

Some things are a bit pricey ; I know I know ! LOL. But Ill love just about anything someone gets me ; even if its flowers( I LOVE FLOWERS ) or a simple card <3



sometimes love comes around <3

The song && video got to me. It reminds you of how GOOD love feels. ahh what it is to be inlove, reminds me why I want that love again, that feeling is beautiful .

Keri's album is out ; so you should all go cop that !!




Throwback Thursdays it is !

First off I will start by saying sorry I have not posted in a while , work has got me crazy busy && been trying to work things out to get back into school for the summer session :). All has been going pretty good though so I cannot complain !

fresh prince of bel-air Pictures, Images and Photos

I cant sleep since I got home and napped for a while , so now im wide awake. Just seen the Fresh Prince with my little brother. Its been a while since I have watched that show. Not too long , prolly a couple months ....cus my brother watches Nick at Night every damn night .... so its either that show Family Matters or The George Lopez show. There all great , but The Fresh Prince has always been my favorite. Its like no matter how many times you watch the episode it can still make me laugh out loud LITERALLY; every single time. I used to know some dude that reminded me SOO much of Will. He had such a humor to him, and that " I know im the shit " type of swag...but he was just real cool, down to earth && had me dying of laughter all the time. But yeahh -- I love watching it, deffinately makes my day a lot better...its like you need a laugh sometimes and that just about does it for me.

But yeah -- besides work , i shopped. YES I know "HI MY NAME IS JESSICA AND IM A SHOPAHOLIC " =/ lol. I bought some products on ELF and MAC online. Also signed up to a couple magazines, cus they seriously save me while im at my desk at work, bored out of my mind. Got a couple things off ebay..gotta love the free shipping !

Im gunna go clean my room or something till I get tired and knock out ...
No work tommorow so ima go pay some bills, a little shopping (maybe..lol) and go get me a french mani/pedi. I will deffinately blog tommorow.

Show love <33
& God bless you all !



feeling it.


im pretty sure they meant , time to move forward.
but hey - its ok , they tried. LOL.




Just got home from my new job, its pretty cool...even though its type slow most of the time. LOL. But its pretty cool just sitting around & and answering calls ...chillin on a computer all day. But yeah I got home not too long ago ...to of course having to hear my parents arguing on the phone , as I have to hear DAILLY. I dont get it , there divorced...been divorced for 8 years, remmarried and all that ..yet still they find a way to yell at eachother every singgggle day. It aggrivates the shit out of me ..and then they wonder why I want to move out so badly. I cannot wait , with this new job I can move out MUCH sooner , so thank God.

Since " Call Jessica Day " I have been MIA, cus ..well I simply dont care. LOL. Guys are just more drama to add to your day ...so ill stick to work , school && my friends and family that care enough to stick around no matter what happens. & dont just dissapear on && off. The saying is so true -- be yourself -- the people who mind dont matter, but the people who matter dont mind.

But yeah Ima go and shower/eat && then go to bed EARLLY. Gotta be at work again at 8AM till 6 ; wish me luckkk.

God bless :)



Call Jessica Day; LMAO.

Oh man , oh man. Last night ....was interesting. My phone was ringing off the hook , it was either one of my ex's or a dude I used to talk to. Dead ass four of them all called out of the blue yesterday. Some after years of not speaking to them. Like WTF? Was it Call Jessica Day yesterday and no one told me? LOL. It was number after number that had no name to it ( because I deleted them all off my phone book ). It was pretty funny to me because I would have no clue it was one of them, till I would answer each time. It would be so awkward because some I couldn't even tell who it was till after a good five minutes of speaking , then id be like oooooh WOW, its you ! LMAO.

None of them called on some " Just wanted to see how your doing " type shit either. One called to ask me to have dinner with him, or should I say BEG? lol. The other one was drunk out of his mind and wanted to remind me that he " loved me, and couldnt do it without me anymore ...blah ...blah ...blah ". The other two were very nonchalant at first trying to see how I was and then slipped in the .. " I miss talking to you " which led to making " plans " ....but whatever we will see about that one. MIND YOU , one has a girlfriend that USED to be my friend.

It was just so funny, I felt like it was God testing me though. Cus its so random for that to happen the very next day before I said " that's it I'm swearing off guys, I'm not talking to anyone, I'm going to worry about myself and that's all ". Then one by one all these jerk offs decide to call me. LOL. Two out of the four guys were AMAZINGLY good to me , but of course those were the ones I broke it off with. I'm not going to let it ruin my plans though, I'm still only going to focus on me myself && i.

There my past for a reason right ?



11:11 ♥

" You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it's beautiful. " - Boy Meets World



3:16 AM.

I cant sleep :( ... I meannn it is Saturday night ... I should be out right now doing something , but I stayed in. Like I have been doing every weekend lately. But its okay, I just finished playing psp2 with my little brother. I also did some online shopping =X ....I suck at saving money.

Ive been thinking a lot lately about settling. Usually a girl always seems to find a real good guy that falls head over heels for them and will cater to there every need, the sex is amazing, your family and friends loves him, he makes good $$, and everything just great ...but you just dont feel those butterflies in your tummy. That amazing giddy feeling like your back in JHS; ya know? I heard the saying " love is so much more than butterflies in your stomache" . I do believe it is, but can you really be inlove without it ? . Ive been in that situation were everything just seems to be amazingly perfect besiides the fact that I KNEW I could never make myself fall inlove with dude. Its such a sucky feeling, cus its like you know your missing out..but you cant do anything about it. If your heart isnt in it , then why bother right? Do you guys think after pushing it for a few years you can MAKE yourself fall inlove? IDK. I feel like I tryed hard enough. Usually when I first meet a dude I know if im going to fall for him easily or not, maybe thats just cus im a hardcore hopeless romantic ( well; used to be atleast lol ).

the thought of it has just been urking me.