Lately Faves

1.So Sexy VS Conditioner&Shampoo

2. Herbal Essence Longterm Relationship Conditioner&Shampoo

3. Keratin Hair Conditioner by mirta de perales

4.Soft Soap Body Butter Cocunut Scrub

5. Twilight Woods Body Spray && VS Noir Tease Body mist


my pain in the butt !

Today is my brother Nene's birthday. As many of you that have been following my blog for a while, know that my brother was born with Cerebral Palsy, and its been a tough journey for us all. He has grown up right before my eyes & I am proud to say I was part of his growth. I gave my teenage days up to stay at home most days to care for him , help him with hw, get him ready for school in the Am's, and just being his older sister. Of course there were & STILL are many times I wanna just knock him upside the head , LOL. But I love him like I have loved no other man ......its really unconditional love. I love my other baby brother , but it does NOT compare to show I love Nene. Im pretty sure it is because I sacrificed for him , & I am always giving him my 150 percent. I love you Nene more than ever. You have changed my life in sooo many ways - but for the better. You made me a strong & loving, forgiving individual. I dont think I would be such a great mother if it were not for you in my life. I know I may be tough on you sometimes, but it is all because I want nothing but the best for you. Keep your head up && remember all the potential you have , if you just put your mind to it ! - xoxo , Your HunnyBuns !

The terrible twos !

Hello lovelies !

So my little brother Lucas turned two years old ( 9/7/11 ) we celebrated on the weekend with a BBQ at my dads house. I honestly cannot believe how big he has gotten. I remember me & the boyfriend were together when he was not even born yet , & I was soooo excited to meet him. I remember the warm, beautiful feeling I felt when I first layed eyes on him....& now I have my own little one. Crazy how time flys by. I spoiled my little Lucas so much && still do. I was happy to see that he was so happy to see baby Jace. He kept coming over to give him hugs & kisses. He would smile & laugh with him. It was great seeing them together. I have a feeling they will be veryyy close once they get older & are able to play together. Heres a little recap of Lucas growing up :)

&& now :)


8 "Fears".

First & for most ....

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4)

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

So its more like things I would not want to happen to me :

1. Drowning
2. Failing as a parent
3. Losing my parents too early
4. Rape
5. Divorce - Failing as a wife
6. Severe sickness
7. Being held at gunpoint
8. Fires

Seven wants ....

1. To build on my career, & one day have my own afterschool/recreational center for children.
2. To raise my son into an old fashioned gentlemen <3
3. To get a car !
4. To get married one day =)
5. To own a beautiful home one day with my family
6. To re pay my parents back for everything they did for me.
7.To live a long, happy, loving, healthy life !!!!

I wish it were more than seven , butttt ..... I had to drop it down to just seven. I have about 1000 wants though, lol.



I forgot I had this thing, BUT I will be taking post request on here as well. It allows people to ask me questions in a anonymous form. If I feel it is a question I can use as a blog post then I will do so :)

SO ask away guys --- http://www.formspring.me/simpllygorjess

A little Hip Hop News Rant...

- Mobb Deep is coming out with their 9th album ! Honestly I cant wait. After hearing them perform at rock the bells it reminded me of the Mobb deep I once loved. Not saying they werent good anymore once they signed to G unit...but they werent the Mobb deep the people wanted & listened to. The album sales says it all. I wish them nothing but success, and believe it is VERY smart of them to finally releasing independantly.

- Slaughterhouse has been saying they are just about ready to release their album real soon. I know many people that are excited about that news. Now being signed to Eminem, it gives their fans I feel even more of a reason to count down the days they can get their hands on that album. It was said that they currently have about 20 songs already recorded, yet are not sure which ones will make it on the album yet. All im saying is im patiently waiting for what I feel will be one of the best albums to come out in a while !!!

- Ruff Ryders are back ? well not yet - but its being said they are to release a compilation out in October of this year. The projects first single will actually be a remake of the 1998 hit track " Ruff Ryders Anthem " --- who thinks it will be just as good, better, or worse ? I honestly dont know how I feel about this. With DMX just returning from his jail sentence , I am hoping he used all his time in their to get back to his music, and hopefully his time in their inspired him and brung him back better than before. But I guess well figure that out next month.

Update time :)

Things have been great, hectic...but great. Im back at work & school. Jace is turning three months in 6days ! he is such a character already, always smiling laughing & baby talking like crazy. Its going so fast.....soon he will be crawling ! Lol. I have been working on my poetry a lott lately , & videos will be posted real soon :) im very excited to get back into that.

I went to rock the bells the weekend that just passed. It was such an amazing experience. ( Post will be up soon with videos & pictures ! )

I have been reconnecting with old friends, and just figuring out what friends I want to keep in my circle & which ones I need out. People dont realize how toxic they are sometimes to another persons life, and im just not having that - especially now that I have Jace.

Im trying my very best to keep my blog up to date - but as you can see things have been real busy for me now. If you guys ever want to request a post or just want to talk , here is where to find me :)

FB : Simpllygorjess.com
Twitter : Simpllygorjess
or Email me : Jsal529@gmail.com


10 day challenge : six places !

Six places I would love to visit :

1. Ireland <3

2. Japan !



5. Morroco

6. Alaska

10 day challenge : Five Foods.

These are like the top five things I can possibly eat all the time if I had to ..... lol

1. Salads :) healthy & amazingly good !

2. Shrimp Scampi <3

3. Cheesecake !!!! I dont know anyone who DOESNT love it.

4. Chicken & Broccoli

5. Blimpie Sandwiches, LOL.