TO ALL NY WOMEN ♥ . . . .

I work for an amazing organization that does just about everything for the community of NYC. My lovely co-workers decided that they wanted to start a Womens Revolution - Ladies Night kinda thing; which I believe to be a witty and exceptional idea; plus experience. It will start on Tuesday - January 5th @ 7:00PM at our job center on 175 Eldrige Ave in NYC;L.E.S. The flyer itself for the program says " WE SET OUT TO CREATE A SAFE, & NUTURING SPACE FOR WOMEN TO OWN THEIR FEELINGS,& EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CREATIVE RISKS.SIGN UP TODAY ONLY 25 SPOTS AVAILABLE! "

Feel free to hit me up for more info on it or if you are interested & I will find for you if spots are available. These two women have put a lot of hard work and time into the event that I know it will be worth going to. Dont be shy & come on by ! :)




PLEASE read.

I am doing my first ever blog sale ; because I am trying to save up money to help my parents redecorate the house. I will be putting more stuff on the website that arent mine such as my moms & my brothers things. So please help me get rid of all these things ! If you can please make a post with the link to my blog sale page/post. Or even tweet about it if you can. I would really appreciate it; EVEN if your not buying anything - helping me get it to be known to others would be great help !


XOXO ; gorJESS ♥


November Faves ♥

1. NYC Long wearing nail enamel : Time Square Tangerine

I am ADDICTED to this color. I have been forgetting about all my other 200 nail polishes! LOL. I just feel like this color is so warm && at the same time bright. It also does last VERY long without chipping. Longer than usual nailpolishes I have tried.


2. Prestige Black Liquid Eyeliner

Its quite hard for me to make a straight line with liquid eyeliner ; till I used this one. Its so quick & simple due to how the point is formed. I love how quick it drys too & it last all day long without cracking.


3. Avon Sheer Naturale Lipstick

AMAZING nude for my lips. Its very light ; yet not too pale. Plus it smells good :) lol.


4. Maybelline New York Blush Bronzer - Sunlight.

I use this really as a like a coverup/ press powder. Because its not too bronze but does give it a brighter look. It blends very easily on my skin & it stays on for hours.


5. Avon In a wink - Instant eyeshadow sheets in Glow Bronze

These badboys come in a box with 14 sheets/pairs. I like them because not only are they simple to put on , but CREASE PROOF. They come in three different colors - to highlight; contour; & accent your eyes. I just break em in half; put the paper on my lid - tap it out & rub it with my finger & then using my blending brush I blend all the colors into eachother to create & finish the look.


6. Define a Lash Mascara - Brownish Black

I was using this mascara like two years ago and I liked it but I was interested in seeing how others would work. I have tried Lash Blast, & also Collasol; which are great too dont get me wrong. BUT this one is just the best of the best for me. I have came back to using it & its the only mascara I have been using for about two months now.




My First Blog Award :]

First off ; I want to thank Briana (http://www.briunscripted.com/) for nominating me for this award. Highly appreciate it that I was thought of. Your super sweet ♥

Soo . Now its the part where I have add 7 random interesting facts about myself. Enjoy --->

1. I cannot sleep in front of mirrors ; Phobia? Idk what its called but I just cant.
2. I'm allergic to honey. SO no candy corn or honey bbq chips for me !
3. I was the president of my school in Elementary school ; haha.
4. I'm in school right now to become a teacher. Hopefully for either 1st or 2nd grade :)
5. I am also getting my license in Daycare Management.
6. I write short stories; poetry . But have been working on a novel for about 6 years now.
7. I have had multiple dreams of being attacked by trolls; since I was young. LMAO - sadly I'm not joking.

Now time to nominate ------>

Get Gawjus!
Curvaceous In The City
stephyy sunshine

Tis the Season .....

Getting started early. I couldnt help myself ; So I bought some christmas stuff already.

You all know how much i LOVE peeps candy ; SO ummm I just had to =X haha.

Then I found some cuuute Winnie the Pooh Candy Canes. I would have gotten the regular ones but the place I went to didnt have them. Hopefully this year I can find the pepermint candy canes ( the best ! ).

I got a couple other little things ; that I will not be showing till a later post because its stuff I got for other people. Such as christmas cards I will be sending and other little things.

My next blog will be later on tonight on my November Favorites; which I got the idea from La. Morena ... my lovely bloggette Rai :)

xoxo ; God Bless you lovelys ♥


Give a Little ♥

It is the season for giving ; So look through these websites & see what you can do to put a smile on a strangers face this Christmas ! :]






You can also do simple things such as send presents to a church near you. Or send cards to people/ friends you have not spoken to in a while just to show them they are still being thought of. Remember not everyone has a place to celebrate there Christmas. There are way too many people out there with families that travel away for the holidays for work , or people that just dont have much family here for them. Invite people to spend the holidays with you - Tis the season to be jolly && more so GIVING. ♥


All I want for Christmas :)

SO of course I want happiness, love && peace..all that good stuff...but um, we are living in a material world && i am a material girl ..so here I go listing my wish list of things I want. I will erase them while I get them :)

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy -- Authentic or not , as long as it doesnt look fake I'm happy.
2. Ipod touch or pink Ipod Nano
3.Gossip Girl Season One
4. Gossip Girl book Collection
5.Pocket Size Bible ( because the one I have is HUGE & weighs more than me ! LOL)
6. Chanel Frames
7. New phone - either Blackberry or IPhone
9. MAC; LA Girls; LA Color; Sephora; ELF; NYX; Mark; Urban Decay Makeup
10. A HUGEEE Hello Kitty
11. A cute fish - either a Dwarf Puffer; Bettas; or Pink Cichlid
12.Forever 21 Gift Cards
13. Anythinggg that has to do with Hello Kitty <3
14. Shoes shoes & more Shoes !
16. Miss Dior Cherie;Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker; Paris Hilton Perfume; Viva La Juicy Perfume Set
20. A new ceramic Straightner
21. A trip to Florida for a week <3
22. UGG's any color

Some things are a bit pricey ; I know I know ! LOL. But Ill love just about anything someone gets me ; even if its flowers( I LOVE FLOWERS ) or a simple card <3



One of my Favorite Poems ♥

The Victor
Poet: C.W. Longenecker

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t
If you like to win but think you can’t,
It’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost.
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are.
You’ve got to think high to rise.
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win the prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.


Halloween & Yankees :)

Started off with some halloween pictures ----> Yes I was a sexy referee :)

Today ; as I blog I am in the living room with my mom & my brother watching the Yankee game & as a New Yorker I will take pride in my team :) We all got on our yankee shirts and eating wings :)


BIG haul - Drugstore & Avon.

I have SOO much more; but this only lets you upload a bit ; so my next blog tommorow will be the rest of the things :) YES i am a big AVON girl. lol. I love it. There lippies are good & there nailpolishes are GREAT. & can you tell i LOVE liplicious from bath & body ? LOL. my favorite is Cotton Candy. I got the other two just because there was a buy two get one free =/ So I couldnt help it.

-Liplicious : Cotton Candy; Frozen Daiquiri; Pineapple Juice

- Avon Lipsticks : Sheer Light Pink & Sheer Naturale

- Color Sensationals : Pink Sand

- NYC nail polish : Little Italy

- Avon Nailwear Pro : Golden Rose


Pumpkin Carving Day :)

So today me and my boyfriend did pumpkin carving. It was both of our first times. But I must admit as dirty as we got ; it was fun. ( this sounds SO wrong; or maybe im just a perv LOL ). But yeah yall know what I mean. I had a blast & hes mad cus mine came out better & he messed up on one of the eyes. LOL. They are in my living room right now lit up and looking pretty :) Deff doing it again next year. It was a fun experience. Even if it took like 3 hours! haha. Now im here watching my brother and my BF play nba live - aka its nap time for me ! LOL. Thanks to all my blog followers that actually read my stuff <3 4 more days till halloween. Im excited <3

ohh && i beat him at UNO like 5 times ; He just needs to get the fact that im better at him at EVERYTHING :) Lol.


Some more halloween FUN :)

I may look like a total dork; but I dont care :) Lol.


yummy ghost !





Yes -- I am still in the Halloween spirit; haha. My costume comes in the mail on FRIDAY. I am suuuuuuuuuper hyped. Hopefully for Halloween its in the low 60's like today. I really dont wanna take a jacket with me out; but most likely will have to. Im really exicted to hit up the Halloween parade in the village ; I have never gone before.

This week I will be going to a pumpkin patch to do my pumpkin carving with the boyfriend & my family. I cant make up my mind if I want to paint a face on it or carve a face SOOO I decided I will do both. I am also making some Halloween cookies that day. I will deff blog on that day & add some pictures for my blogettes :)


I Have a Resolution.


So I know people usually wait till new years to make resolutions ... but I wanted to make mine early. I have a really bad tendency of being cranky & moody a lot. If you have seen the email my boyfriend wrote me for our anniversary he says how I'm a moody girl haha - its VERY noticeable =/ I honestly don't do it purposely but when I'm sick or have a headache or theres a lot on my mind or something bad happens ; like bad hair day LMAO I get so irked that it kills my mood - & I know I need to stop letting little things phase me that much. So starting 2day I will try my best to be nice & happy even if things don't go my way .....Lets see if this can really work !


for Him !

Guy after guy & day after day they got worse
Praying to God everyday he would bring me someone to break this love curse
I saw myself falling for guys I didn't even believe
Disrespect and false hope was all I received
I kept on settling for less, when I knew I deserved so much more
Holding on to the memories of my past, when I knew I had to close that door
Months turned in Years, and my pain was still there, but not the same
Instead of tears and heartache I turned cold, and realized Love was more than just fun & games.
I thought just maybe ill always be the girl who wanted what she couldn't get
The girl whose standards where to high, and never met.
The one who partied all the time, cus she thought that was as good as happiness could get.
Wasting her lonely nights on worthless guys with no respect
Thinking she was not fit to be loved, and that was what she had to accept
But then right out of the dark ; he came to brighten my days
Caught my attention unlike any other in many different ways
He re arranged my life to how it should be, and made me see with him there is peace
Just when I thought it would take a century to find someone like you
God sent me you.
All the praying, all the tears, the struggle was worth it ♥

its our anniversarry ♥


cus I call the shots ;]

my costume ; i just ordered not long ago - didnt want to give away the whole costume tho so this is just a tiny peek :) lol

super sick & boring sunday.

Giveaway WINNER ♥

Sorry it has taken me a bit longer to finally let you all know the winner; but I have been super sick with no energy to do anything. Lol. But I am getting a WHOLE lot better day by day.

&& the winner is ----


send me your info @ -- jsalazar529@tmo.blackberry.net
thankyou to all that signed up for the giveaway - maybe ill have another one real soon :) stay posted.


I love my mommy ♥

Due to something found ; my mom had to undergo a biopsy procedure today. They say it may possibly be cancer. When I was told this my heart skipped. I get teary eyed every single time she brings something up about it. Waiting for those results are going to be one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while. My mom and me are no lie ; like bestfriends. Yeah we fight ; but at the end of the day I cant live without her. She spoils me like no other; and is the only one I feel that is so straight up with me. I tell my mother EVERYTHING ... just because I know I will get an honest blunt answer from her. Shes more like my sister than my mother in all honesty. I get so many traits from her also; the good and the bad ones. Lol.

I honestly dont know what I will do if they do find cancer. At the end of it all I know I must put it in Gods hands. I trust him; and I know he will do what he has to do. So anyone that reads this - please keep my mother in your prayers - It will mean so much to me <3


feel your boobies ! ♥

It is breast cancer awareness month. When I went in for a checkup with my doctor not long ago; they were selling a whole bunch of things. I ended up getting a keychain of the pink ribbon. & I am VERY excited about getting the pink tote bag they had; which said they will have more in stock this weekend coming ! haha. Not only is it cute ; but I love how people can easily spread more awareness through these little things you carry around daily with you on trains/buses ; to school & work. Like that everyone around you can be reminded that is is a serious situation and there is much we can do about it. The money goes into breast cancer research/ plus some help offer free mammograms for woman. You can help for free by also just clicking on a simple button every day. The links are here on the bottom so please help the cause & God bless you all ♥

The Breast Cancer Site


My best friend; My little brother ♥

Many of you know about my newborn baby brother Lucas cus of some post ive put with his pictures. But I have another little brother; which isnt so little anymore. Lol. I swear he is the only man in this world that has captured my whole heart. I have no pride with him ; I tell him everything & act myself around him always; he is the only man that knows the REAL REAL me. I love him SOO much ♥. Here are some random pictures of us today :]


His face is pricelesssss ! LOL.


happiness is OVER-rated !

Having a bad hair day so I put my hair into a beret <3 gotta love those things; they save my life every morning my hair doesn't want to work with me. I have been feeling super duper sick since last night but i managed to get ready & out of the house. My shirt is super EMO status ; but I definitely do not feel that way. Im pretty happy with my life right now ♥