its been a while ....

So I havent updated in a while; im rarely really ever on the computer at all which is the reason why. But im going to try my hardest to blog more now. Im pretty new to this so I dont know yet how to fix up the page and all the cool codeing stuff, soon enough I guess I will get the hang of it .

Well today we officially have a new President. I am extremely excited for the new changes to arrive. I feel that Obama is a great person to become our president; in my heart I have a gut feeling he will finally make a difference. Thats always a good thing. On the other hand we have to remind ourselves that its not only him that has to make a change, but us. We live in this world too ...and its up to us to make a difference, by doing something differently, by addressing issues and letting our voices be heard. I dont think many people spend there days thinking what THEY can do to make this world a better place. I honestly dont do it much; so I know theres many other people out there distracted in there own mess, there own situations that dont have the time either. But by just saying something to someone, speaking your opinion you can make a difference.

For me; God has always been number one in my life. I feel like yes we can change the way we act , the way we think, the way we talk. But without the grace of God ...none of that will even matter. We have to have faith on our Lord, Our Savior that he is so faithful to us that he will make ends meet, and fix things for us . But in order for him to help us , we have to keep him in our hearts in our minds always. Im not a religious person, but I consider Jesus as my boyfriend..the lover of my soul. Without him nothing in my life would be possible. I do things according to how I think will affect him. When your in a relationship with someone you do stuff out of respect for that person , because you love them that much. Which is why I changed my ways and the bad habits I once had ...for Jesus. Just like any loving and careing boyfriend; He did not want me to keep being that girl coming home drunk at the end of every night, and wakeing up to not remembering what happened. The girl that felt so lonely, and so out of it all the time. I looked to other things to fill my void ...and realized nothing was really filling it . It was all a temporary fix, until I let Jesus into my life. Now I dont feel that emptyness anymore. To some it might sound funny, some of you might not believe such an effect can happen .... but with him in my life I am nothing but happy ... and I have honestly never been like this before I let him in. I believe in him, and I trust him with every piece of my broken heart that he is slowly mending and putting back together. When you have Jesus in your life you have no what ifs , or regrets ..you know that God has something new for you , once one door closes there is another one about to open... and if there isnt ... then trust me he will open a window for you. I dont need to be in doubt anymore because I know he is watching over me , and that everything I go throught I am going through with him. What he puts me through , he takes me out of ...Just to learn a lesson , and then on to another ... they say everything happens for a reason, and I fully live by that phrase.

But yes I caught myself ranting ...and I switched up the subjects a bit LOL. But I promise more blogging soon ,
hopefully I will be getting the hang of it !


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