Maybe I'm just a hard person to love?

Ive been on my "independant ladies" mood lately. Lol. I know what I deserve so I have been pushing all my past mistake of an ex douchebags out of my life. I dont even respond when they say hi; nothing at all. Just because I'm over the small talk ..were not friends so why act it right?

A lot of my closest homegirls have been in bad relationships; yet somehow they always find a really great guy after a month or so. But me -- well I just pick asshole after asshole. Lol. But then I start to wonder maybe I'm just a hard person to love. I make it too hard on the guy ..Idk. I have had my share of good guys but I'm just so damn picky and it deffinately gets worse as months progress.

Dude needs to be like MY total package - funny; smart; family oriented; pretty boy; yet manly at times; not too sensitive; a little bit of a jerk ( cus I gotta admit I do enjoy a little heated debate from time to time; Lol ) he's got to love my friends & be able to hang out with us go out and have fun with us; yet at the same time a romantic ...someone spontaneus & not scared to put themselves out there to show me they care.

In my eyes I havent found that yet ; Who knows if I ever will. Either my standards are way too high or Im just one of those girls that are too hard to love.


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Ai said...

aawww.. well everyone surely does want a perfect person to be with for the rest of their lives. but don't worry, as Snow White said, "SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME" :) your perfect prince will come in the perfect time on a perfect place with the PERFECT smile! :D

Rai said...

I wonder the same thing, but I don't think I am at all.

Some people just don't know what they have and take it for granted.
It's THEIR FAULT, not mine.
Too many people just stuck in their ways. You will find somebody who is worth having you. =D

Stephie J said...

Trust me.. you're not too hard to love.

Being picky is good!! Would you rather be with the wrong person 5 more times?? or wait a couple months- year to find the right guy??

My ex boyfriend hurt me so badly that I didnt know what to do.. so I figured that I would just do me!!! Make myself happy.. when you are happy on the inside.. you are radiant on the outside.. and it makes it alot easier to find the right person when you're in a good state of mind !!

Make sense??

I love you!!! Dont forget that YOU are more important than anyone else.

PS .. noticed u didnt enter my blog contest!! hurry in!