There's Something About Jessica <3

I have always absolutely loved this movie. Has both of my favorite people :) I just seen it again for the 500th time. I love it not only because my wife is in it; lol but also because it shows that love is unconditional ; she was a spazz through out the whole movie wrecking his things & hurting him ...lol but still he was like so intrigued by her. It was a real cute thing to see. I thought about it though ; like really would any dude seriously take all of that and find it cute for a girl to be THAT clumsy & obsessed with penguins? Lol; IDK. But yeah I deff loved it because of the penguins; I love penguins not only because there cute ... but if you really look into them & learn about them there such careing & loving animals :)


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stephyy said...

I love that movie!!!!