Sweet Saturdays ♥

These are BY FAR the best cupcakes I have ever tried ! I LOVE THEM. I have tried the Vanilla & the Chocolate Buttermilk ones; yummylicious <3 Next time I go though I will be trying there special cupcakes (red velvet ; devils foodcake). Its an amazing place too & CHEAP. They range from 2.50 to 3.00 each & there big & freshly baked everytime I have gone. I love how they are also open till super late; I think its 1230AM.

Check out the website for locations ! :


every kiss begins with kay ♥

I found the promise ring I will soon be getting myself ! I was looking at Tiffany & Co rings ; but the prices gave me headaches. Lol. SOOOO I remembered that catchy song on commercials about Kay Jewelery and clicked on the Diamond Jewelery/ Promise Rings :) SOOO many pretty ones ....so time to start saving up. Theres a very simple one for 69.99 with a trio of round diamonds - so pretty. I think its the one ! I will keep searching , but im pretty sure that is the one I will be getting myself in a couple months ♥ it was love at first SIGHT.


Miami ?

I might be planning a move to Miami. My cousin & I have been wanting to get a place out in NYC. But its extremely expensive. So were thinking on changing our location FOR NOW ...till we get our degrees & gain a lot more money to afford NYC. IDK ....Right now I feel like I would love it ; just because Ive been feeling a need for something new ; new surroundings. But I will have to put more thought into it & speak to the parentals.

Gurus on YouTube ♥

I must admit it ; I am fully addicted to watching videos on youtube; and even more so if they are tutorials or cool Guru videos. I have decided to blog about my FIVE most favorite ones & tag anyone that reads this. If you do decide to do this you can comment me & I will go check out your list. This is just a cool way to get new Gurus to subscribe to :)


I have many more favorites but those are just my first 5 ! <3


eventually .....

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SUPER hyped !

Finally tommorow night @ 9 my Monday's will be worth coming home to ! Lol. YES ; its thatttt serious. Ive missed you SO much GG ! ♥

my heart & soul ♥ 090709

My baby brother Lucas Salazar ; was born finally on 09.07.09 @ 8:40 PM . The world has been blessed with an angel. He is adorable & I just cannot wait to see him grow up & be there for all of his "first". I love him with all my heart.