A king was Born ..

Just recently my boyfriends birthday passed. I am a huge celebrational person, Lol. I love birthdays - and im that person that always makes it a BIG deal if it is your birthday, well if your important. Lol. Sooo I wanted to go all out for the boyfriend. He was playing PSP with my little brother around 11:55Pm , I went to my room got the mini cake ready with a candle lit , and the birthday ballon. I came out at 12 on the dot to wish him a happy birthday, he made his wish & blew out his candle. Lol. I decided to let him open his present since I knew I had another present to give him that night. So to his surprize I had got him the white G-shock watch he was wanting FOREVER. It was the best feeling seeing his face light up when he saw the box. The next day I went to work, and met up with him as soon as I got out - and we went to our favorite restuarant ever - called Havana Alma De Cuba. It was DELISH. We had our meal, and some real good desert. After dinner I gave him his 2nd present which was a personalized papersoul journal. I wanted to get him something official that he could use to write his lyrics ( since he is an r&b artist/song writer). I loved how it came out && he loved it too. Then we ended up going to rockafellar to see the tree, it was beautifullll, decided to go after to Bamboo52 where they give you 5 free drinks for your birthday. I made him drink all 5 ! Lol. He got twisted , and it was a very intersting night. The next day he had work. All along he had no idea I was setting up a little get together surprize event for him. He got home from work & we opened the door singing happy birthday with the house all decorated and set up. He had absolutely no idea, and we had a great time all night playing games , and just all laughing, drinking ( me with my gingerale of course! lol) Lets just say he cant possibly top that for my birthday ;) Lol

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Anonymous said...

You two are so adorable! happy birthday to him :)

La Cabrona said...

awww... i am a super crazy freak/celebrational person too! I always go out for everything ... i even celebrate st pattys day and i am not irish..wtf? lol but this is cute i love the jounal btw!