Updates !!!

So sorry I have not been really blogging all week. Not only am I sick , and my computer broke ...but I have been getting a lot done. As you guys know I work with kids - so that takes up lots of time , in & out of work. Also getting everything ready for the baby when he gets here - apartment hunting, baby shower planning, etc. Then I have been getting everything organized with going back to school in the fall. Unfortunately I had to take this semester off since my college is far out in Brooklyn , and I live in far out Queens ...it was too much of a commute for my prego self ! Lol. So I already have everything set for when I go back in September :)

With my allergies acting up, to my lungs being at their worst, and the constant migranes......I havent been up for much blogging either. Baby is doing good though, and I am very excited for these last months of pregnancy.I have gotten to the point in pregnancy where I just want him out, and im tired of walking around like a little penguin. Lol.

I promise though that tomorrow I will be up & blogging once again. I have sent out a package to do a swap with one of my twitter girls , and I am very excited for her to get her goodies & vice versa....blog on that soon too :)

I have been getting many request ...and hopefully will get them out asap. Some of you have messaged me asking for me to do video tags, I am very camera shy ..but I will try!


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