Tea Baggin !

I have became a big TEA person. What do I mean by that ? I drink tea atleast every night before bed. It all started when I got pregnant, and obviously could not take any medications when I started feeling under the weather. So I decided that tea would help from getting colds, and congestion, etc. Not only is tea a great way to soothe the throat, and help a bad cold, headache or cough, but you can use it for some simple beauty remedies too !

Dont you hate it when you get allergies, and your eyes are super puffy as though you just finished having a long cry ? I hate that. You feel like you can barely open your eyes, especially during the summer when the sun is hitting you hard. Green tea is the answer. You simply take two green tea bags and soak them in hot water for about a minute, you then rinse them in warm water for a couple seconds. Lay down and relax with them over your eyelids for about 10 to 15 minutes, and you will feel brand new again. This is also great for bags and puffy eyes after long hours being up and about. Green tea is also a great natural remedy for acne. Just steep two green tea bags in hot water for about 5 minutes then add one tablespoon at a time, into roughly 1 cup of aloe gel. Apply this mixture to your face 2-3 times a day and it will help clear out your face.

Lastly, Tea can also help you with your hair. If you have higlights, and wanted to find a simple way to bring out and brighten the color a bit more, then you should get yourself some chamomile tea. This is a great process to do on your hair during the summer - since sunlight helps speed up the process a lot more. Steep 2 chamomile tea bags into 2 cups of hot water for 10 minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the mixture. Add it all on to you your hair after your shampoo routine, and do not rinse it out. Keep doing it and you will see your hair beautifully lighten and bring out the natural tones to your hair color !

Tea has many beneficial uses, and you can never go wrong with natural at home remedies ! Try it for yourself <3 Soon I will put up a post of pictures on how great these remedies worked for me :)

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Miss Tapia said...

I love tea and the many benefits it brings!

Anonymous said...

Tea is really good for you! I drink tea almost everyday as well :)