The meaning behind the ink ....

After I had Jace, I decided on getting my first tattoo. I choose to get "Fearless" across my arm, close to my wrist. I loved it. But not many people understand it. It has so much meaning to me. I am not saying I am not scared of anything....but this tattoo reminds me daily of all the struggles I have gone through.. & im still here. Like everyone else, everything I have gone through has made me stronger & mature. I let love in, when I was scared of falling in love again. I chose to keep my son, though I knew I wasn't fully ready for a child...& through all the pregnancy complications & hard times... I was blessed with a healthy baby. I believe my son made me even more fearless. Lately I catch myself saying " If I was able to survive natural labor, I can do this " LOL. It was a tough tough thing to go through ....& I did it. I was so proud of myself after that....and now even more. I am a mother, a college student, & I work as an educator. So much on my plate, yet I manage to excel at all areas of my life. Im able to show everyone who doubted me that I can do it & I am doing it very well. There are other things I have gone through in my life that I choose to keep private, but trust me ... I have been through a lot of pain & struggle...but I will never act like a victim, because with God in my life I have overcame it all... & I will always be a firm believer that with GOD by my side - I am FEARLESS.

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