In need of motivation.

Its not like I have none...cus if I didnt I wouldnt be getting my great grades in school , nor excelling at work so lovely. When it comes down to school, work & home life as a mommy I have been FULLY motivated & doing all that I gotta do ...which is great. But I think I need more motivation and commitment when it comes to gym time & other errands I have been pushing to the side. I have decided to take a semester off from school , since A) I cant afford it & B) it will give me time to do everything I need & have been wanting to do, but couldnt, due to lack of time.

my goals from this day forward (I wont say for 2012 because I wont wait for the year to begin!)

1. Drivers License... It sucks because I did the 5hr class crap , but it of course has expired so I know I must redo it over again & take a couple classes to refresh my memory, so I can get that road test done & out of the way !

2. ATAS Exam : I have registered to take it for February...so now I must really study my butt off !!! Hopefully with that I can start the school year in September working mornings, so I can spend more time with Jace during the day !!

3. SAVE MONEY ! ---- Man has this been hard for me. BUT its a must, and I need to start asap. Considering I will be making some extra cash at work now for a side gig they offered me..I can easily save money -EASILY. I just gotta really do it. Lol. This money will be saved for a car and a nice house in the future !

4. Pay off ALL bills - I am slightly in debt , thanks to school, & all my credit cards... I have only two more credit cards to pay off & then theres school. I am hoping and praying I can find a cosigner to help me get a loan ...so this part can be slightly easier to cross of my to do list. But I guess we will see ! =)

5. PRAYER - I am looking to experience the relationship I once had with God before. I was very committed to prayer before....I remember never being able to fall asleep without it...and waking up to pray all over again. I believe that prayer can change your life so easily....and I believe that because I have seen it with my own eyes. I want to start going back to church again also. Lately I have been really focused on reading the word of God , every day. I start off my day with devotionals & it has been a nice breath of fresh air every morning heading to work.

6. Tutoring...... YES I was known as Tutor Girl way back when, lol. I plan to make flyers and hopefully start it off as a little side thing I will do on the weekends for a couple hours. We will see how that goes, & if I actually have some time for it anyways.

7. Poetry - I have been REALLY slacking on publishing my poetry book. I was so close to finishing it , until I remember my computer broke on me & none of the work was saved. So I have just been very lazy to redo it , and get it done. But it is something I REALLY want in life to accomplish. I will get it done & have a book release party & all that. I just need to really get it all done & typed out.

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