Jcole time !

I have been really feeling J cole lately, I mean I have always been a supporter of his music...but lately its really the only thing I feel like listening to !

Figo Cupcakes !

Figo NYC right by Hunter College has been fixing my sweet tooth during my pregnancy ! They have probably the best red velvet cupcakes I have ever had. The creamcheese frosting is just to die for. Its little pieces of heaven in my mouth for just $2.50 ...and if your in the area, I suggest you go and try them.

1274 FIRST AVE, New York, NY 10021

my favorite accesories of the moment ...

Today specimens demonstrate that the hand symbolism originates in the world of sexuality. Hamsa hands often contain an eye symbol. Depictions of the hand, the eye, or the number five in Arabic tradition is related to warding off the evil eye, as exemplified in the saying khamsa fi ainek ("five [fingers] in your eye").

Baking does the soul good !

I have been on baking mode all of march , just having fun with it and making many things I would start to crave such as : Rice crispy treats, smores, brownies, etc !


Girlys Beauty Giveaway !

Win these goodies right here : http://girlysbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-big-spring-giveaway.html


Wonderland ♥

&& to add to the list of things I would love to do this spring/summer :

I cannot wait !!! :)

My top five scents for Spring !


Updates !!!

So sorry I have not been really blogging all week. Not only am I sick , and my computer broke ...but I have been getting a lot done. As you guys know I work with kids - so that takes up lots of time , in & out of work. Also getting everything ready for the baby when he gets here - apartment hunting, baby shower planning, etc. Then I have been getting everything organized with going back to school in the fall. Unfortunately I had to take this semester off since my college is far out in Brooklyn , and I live in far out Queens ...it was too much of a commute for my prego self ! Lol. So I already have everything set for when I go back in September :)

With my allergies acting up, to my lungs being at their worst, and the constant migranes......I havent been up for much blogging either. Baby is doing good though, and I am very excited for these last months of pregnancy.I have gotten to the point in pregnancy where I just want him out, and im tired of walking around like a little penguin. Lol.

I promise though that tomorrow I will be up & blogging once again. I have sent out a package to do a swap with one of my twitter girls , and I am very excited for her to get her goodies & vice versa....blog on that soon too :)

I have been getting many request ...and hopefully will get them out asap. Some of you have messaged me asking for me to do video tags, I am very camera shy ..but I will try!



My Current Cravings ! Six Months.




4.Xtasis : Cholado/Hawaiian Hotdog

5. Salchipapas

Birthday Wishlist

1. FLIP Video Camera

2. Longchamp Lepliage Tote

3. MacbookAir 11inch

4. TI Creative Black Chrome Hair Iron