J to da muah !

You remember this ?

Hes back with his new mixtape dedicated to who else but his fans !
Jada to me will always be one of the best, I guess thats the NY in me.

Late night get right !

This is my definition of HIPHOP !

35 Weeks...

Yes... I know, Im ready to pop ! Lol. Baby shower is this weekend , I am still currently working - until little man comes. I am sleeping very well , which is crazy considering I heard around this time its tough. I am registering for classes this week coming too for Fall 2011 semester ! Our home is looking more and more like a home now, we painted our room a beautiful lavendar. Soon after the baby shower I will be enjoying most of my time in Jace's Room, setting it up for him. All has been going well & I cant complain. Soon enough the little prince will be here !

Sucker for Love...

I think it is amazing to find a man who is never scared to go above and beyond the usual to show you how they feel about you, many men wouldnt dare to....and thats what makes these kind of men amazing. It is hard to find a man who is romantic....and I dont mean sending you flowers , any douche can do that I believe, Lol. Its the men who go that extra mile without being asked. This just shows that their are still some of these men out there. Dont lose hope ladies !! Lol <3

Wavy Hair

I will never claim to have curly hair , cus there is a big difference between curls and waves. This is the "curliest" my hair goes considering I have natrually straight hair. I get lots of compliments when I wear it this way...and my boyfriend loves it. Lol. Its easy & quick...so its my usual way to style my hair..especially now that summer is around the corner.

Here is what I use :

1. Wash n Curl Shampoo & Conditioner
2. Shine Curl Activator Gel
3. Got2b Curling moouse


April Faves !!