Maybelline Color Elixir - Vision In Violet

Let me start off by sayingg I LOVE IT. Lol. I love the color the shine, the non stickiness, the packaging. I was a little scared to try a purple on because I didnt know how great it would look on me - with my light skin. But it wasnt as weird looking as I expected and Im so happy I picked it up. I never would have imagined trying this color but I saw someone rave about it on youtube and I figured to give it a try. They had other colors I was thinking about getting - but I thought I would try this one first. I hate hate hate lipglosses that are super sticky or that stiffen your lips and this one does neither - so thats a BIG plus for me. It doesn't have a weird smell either - I like the smell - its not strong but its bare able to wear. I really like the lipgloss itself and the color was another bonus :) Im now very tempted to go and give the other colors a shot.... =X lol

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