mondays suck without you GG !


oh how i wish.

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Maybe I'm just a hard person to love?

Ive been on my "independant ladies" mood lately. Lol. I know what I deserve so I have been pushing all my past mistake of an ex douchebags out of my life. I dont even respond when they say hi; nothing at all. Just because I'm over the small talk ..were not friends so why act it right?

A lot of my closest homegirls have been in bad relationships; yet somehow they always find a really great guy after a month or so. But me -- well I just pick asshole after asshole. Lol. But then I start to wonder maybe I'm just a hard person to love. I make it too hard on the guy ..Idk. I have had my share of good guys but I'm just so damn picky and it deffinately gets worse as months progress.

Dude needs to be like MY total package - funny; smart; family oriented; pretty boy; yet manly at times; not too sensitive; a little bit of a jerk ( cus I gotta admit I do enjoy a little heated debate from time to time; Lol ) he's got to love my friends & be able to hang out with us go out and have fun with us; yet at the same time a romantic ...someone spontaneus & not scared to put themselves out there to show me they care.

In my eyes I havent found that yet ; Who knows if I ever will. Either my standards are way too high or Im just one of those girls that are too hard to love.