Summer 2010

It has been a tough summer. Not only because most of my time is taken up working or doing stuff for school ; but other personal issues I am going through right now. I feel like such a grandma when people ask me to go out and Im always saying im too tired...cus I really am. You try being on your feet daily for like 12 hours walking in the heat ; with about 25 wild 10 year olds. Lol. EVERY single day. Its tough. There is two more weeks left of summer camp .....meaning theres what like a month left of summer ? I start classes on September 13 also. SO Its time to stop being so tired & push myself to have fun this month I have left of summer.

Things I have lined up :

- Mets game
- Luna Park
- Aquarium
- Economy Candy Store
- The Bubble Show
- Hudson River * Movies under the stars
- Bowling
- Sundays at the Beach
- Build a Bear
- Street Fairs
- Hudson River Park * Carousel
- Picnic @ Central Park
- Botanical Gardens
- Go Biking
- Walk the BK Bridge

* Most of this is on my bucketlist for the summer; which I am desperatly trying to do all of. But I guess time will tell.

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