Livin Single ...

Lately the hardest thing I have been coping with is being single. Yes - I am single after a long year and some months. I get the same questions asked all the time " But why ; you guys were so cute together; you can tell you guys really loved eachother; you guys were so perfect " .....*sigh. The truth is we were. The problem was not US; it was ME. I let myself go - I was a mess of emotions and was slowly losing myself. It got so bad that my confidence was out the window. Which makes no sense when I had a boyfriend that told me every 5minutes how beautiful I was.

I am going through a lot right now ;personally within me that just makes my self esteem very low ....that makes me feel worthless at times. I came to the decision that I must work on the relationship I have with myself. As that saying goes " You cant love someone else; if you dont love yourself ". So thats what I am doing now. I am learning to love me ; unconditionally. Cus if you know me well ; you know I am my bigges critique. I am so tough on myself ; and can be my own worst enemy. Pink said it well - Im a hazard to myself.

Its a tough thing to go through ; even more so now when I dont have much of a support system. But I know its what I need to do. Just keep myself focused on me - and do all that I gotta do for myself. Even if people dont understand my decision ; or despise me for it. I want to love myself - and be happy with myself...so if living single will help me do that ; its a step I gotta take.

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Alina said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jess :( Stay strong girl, and I hope you can find the peace within you that you long for. I am sure when you find that peace, things will fall into place where they belong :)

Miss C i n d i a * said...

You're right, it's something hard to go through without a support system. Time heals all wounds though, that's what I always tell myself.