Chivalry is not dead.

‎"Women , we always try to settle for things. & think maybe we can get 70 or 60 percent ... you do have an opportunity in your life to get everything you've ever dreamed of. You can find someone who does appreciate you and wants to give themselves to you. People say you cant get your fairytale, you wont find your white ...knight, but you can & for the first time I feel like that fairytale might be true." - Dawn Richards

In my human sexuality class we were speaking about Chivalry and many students claimed it was dead. Now im here to tell you that it is FAR from dead. You just gotta find the right guy.

I have never been with a guy that was straight up rude. Lol. All of my exs were gentlemen ...some more than others. ( I mean I have only had 3 boyfriends for these 23 years of life.....Soo yeah. Lol ) I always had the guys that opened the door.

But my current love is above and beyond. He is by far the most romantic man I have ever ever been with. I mean what other guy would go out at 2am just because I said I was craving cheesecake , yes -- he did do it.....and I asked him as he was falling asleep. ( Thanks Babe :) ! ) He holds my bag/ purse for me always - I dont have to tell him its heavy hell just take it. If I do shopping he will carry those too. He moves me away from the street everytime we walk somewhere. He picks me up from work surprisingly ...and wakes me up every morning with a full plate of breakfast. He doesnt mind sitting down and watching all my girly shows with me. He spends hours talking and hanging out with my friends and family, with or without me Lol. I guess you can say I got a keeper ......and most importantly I wanted to tell all of you that are out there searching and losing hope , not to give up.....because you will have your keeper sooner or later.

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Valerie said...

The photo is soooo cute! You totally made me have an "Awwwwwwww!" moment!

I love what you said I totally agree! Just like girls that are considered gold, there are guys that are gold as well. Of course its going to be a challenge because if it was so easy, most of us wouldn't appreciate it. I can relate to how you feel because my boyfriend is definitely a gentleman. I love that you shared this because girls shouldn't give up and SETTLE FOR LESS. All girls deserve to be treated special <3

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