First Video Ever.

I have made videos before promoting people , or other random ones - but I have finally decided what I will be doing with my simpllygorjess youtube account. I did not have the guts to do it before & now I feel like I must. I have the determination and also the balls to do what I wanna do ! So I will be using it to post up readings of my poetry/ works of art. I am currently using my webcam - since my camera broke :(. But I shall be getting a new one by November so its okay. Quality sucks for now , hope you enjoy it though. This is one part to a two part poem I wrote. There will be many more to come ! No negativity please - I will get better with time !

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Valerie said...

I subscribed to your channel! I love your poem and I love the direction you are taking with your channel. I think its unique. I love poetry so this is a completely different take on the traditional ways to read or hear it. I am proud that you had the courage to do this! I can't wait for more videos =)

Twinn said...

I think I want to be a flapper for halloween lol
I havent dressed up in a while so im excited.
oh I was thinking about doing videos too but idk how that would work out.