Swap Package with Laisa

I did my first ever swap , and it was great. I LOVED everything she sent me. I am not showing it all because then we would just be here forever but here are some things I was sent by her. She was so sweet to send something for Jace too ! It was SUPER sweet , and I just love it. Cannot wait to put it on him && twitpic it to her :)

Check her out on her site : http://chicabloggerista.com/

She got my package today, and I am very happy she enjoyed all I sent her also ! I will maybe do a post on some of the things I sent her soon !

3 showing love:

Miss Tapia said...

Oh she's a sweetie! You got cute stuff!!

NikkiSiixx said...

What's a swap?

Anonymous said...

That's very sweet of her! Jace is so lucky! he got a lot of nice things :)