I remember when gym class heroes first came out with the queen and I. Nobody really knew of them ; and I found them randomly on myspace. I started listening to the songs they had on their page and automatically fell in love with their lyrical presence. Then on after they started to become more known and their songs made it on the radio - they just kept getting better and better. Man ; I miss this kind of music. Every song they have you have to really sit and listen to the lyrics ; analyze every verse ..because its never really about what you think its about. I love music that can make you think ; and keep you wondering what the true meaning within the song is. Travis just needs to step off his pedestal and come back to GCH. Sorry ; thats just my opinion.

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Valerie said...

I looove gym class heroes! My story is similar to yours, I found them years ago on myspace. The song that made me fall in love was "Cupids Chokehold" I remember my best friend at the time and I would listen to the song as we took the bus on our way home. I remember the song later hit the radio waves, but the version they had on their myspace was a little different then the one on their myspace. I remember pre-ordering their first album and being so excited when I got it in the mail. All the songs you posted up bring back so many great memories! I really do miss them and I agree 1000% TRAVIS YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO GYM CLASS HEROES!!!! <3