South Beach stole my heart !

So I have been back for a while now from my vacay. But havent posted the pictures I promised. Looking at all the pictures now; I sure do miss it. Stress free South Beach ... I will see you again soon for sure. Lol. I went for a week ; and stayed at the Park Central Hotel which is right on Ocean Drive .....aka right by everything & across from the beach. God is good ; it was suppose to be bad weather and all that - but it didnt rain once when we were there. It was all sunny skys & BLAZING heat. I got back and all I hear from everyone now is WOW you got SOOOOO dark. Lol. I did - I mean I did lay on the beach every single morning. Here are some pictures ; enjoy :)

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Miss C i n d i a * said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like so much fun & lmao at the gelatto!