Sorry I have been a bad blogger ; but -- my computer got a virus ...now im on the search for a new one ; that I can take with me on my commutes daily around queens to brooklyn to manhattan back to queens. Lol. So it must be light. ALSO my lovely camera has a zoom error; aka it does not take any pictures. AKA I need a new camera also. "/ SUCKS. But lucky I am that Christmas is right around the corner.

So I started classes; its been great. I got great professors - and the classes are pretty interesting. I have became cool with some of the people in my classes too.

I was going through situations with my bestfriends ; and I am happy to say that is all cleared up . I know that slowly but surely we will be as tight as we were before anything.

Being single is tough .....especially when you did not break it off cus he was a douche. Lol. I miss him all the time, knowing I had someone there to speak to always. But we are still really good friends ....and that helps me keep going daily. I know that my reason for ending it will overshadow all that I feel. I dont think its the end of us , at all. Time apart will show that even more.

Work...its been only a week back, and I am happy with it. I am happy with my partner, with my kids. I am excited for all the great things we have planned and in store for our group of children.

Things have been going very ...very well ! I dont sulk and mope around at home any longer. Lol. I have all this energy and all this love every morning that I want to share it with everyone. I feel like slowly I am becoming me , the person I used to be before I let the devil play tricks with my head.

I will deff try to blog more , Anytime I can possibly steal my mothers computer. Haha. Love you bloggettes && all my followers <3

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