Top 10 things I love most about Christmas ....

1. 25 days of Christmas - I know longer gotta wait to watch all the great christmas movies I have been watching since my childhood.

2. The Christmas Tree Lighting in NYC - I go every single year. Hopefully this year, I dont get there so late. But it was great seeing Shakira perform last year, even if it was in the rain. Lol.

3. Decorating - If you know me well you know I am the Queen of Holiday Decorating. Lol. I love making my home look festive for the holidays. BUT Christmas is the holiday I go ABOVE&BEYOND.

4. Gingerbread House making - Get myself a cute little kit , and though I dont enjoy eating it much - its fun to do , and nice to look at.

5. Buying Gifts/Sending Cards - Not only do I love shopping for peoples gifts, but wrapping them are just so theraputic to me. Lol. I zone out and just wrap like a proffesional :) ! Also if you have known me for a while you know I never go a year without sending out to my loved ones a nice christmas card. It is something I always helped my mom with when I was a little girl , and now I go out and buy my own boxes of cards to send out the first week of December!

6. House watching - Its something I have been doing since I was young with my father. We go to really nice areas in NYC to see these beautiful houses decorated. There is one in particular that we go to every year which works with Toys for Tots, and we bring gifts to drop off , while taking pictures infront of it.

7. Novenas - Another thing I have been doing with my family and friends for years, which is basically just me and my mom now. Lol. But we sit together every night , starting 9 days before christmas and we pray, read day by day the coming/birth of Jesus, and sing songs about Jesus. It used to be a really big event when I was younger , in which we all got together at different homes daily,drinking hot chocolate and we would use maracas,tamborines,drums as we sang our songs of praise. All up until Christmas Day.

8. Christmas music - YES, I am very proud to say I own a couple christmas CDs such as mariah carey, destinys child, and ashanti. Lol. I pop these badboys in right when it hits Decemer first !

9. Family & Food - Because without either of them , I would be lost. Lol. I love getting dolled up , and being gathered around family. When I was younger it was all about how many gifts you got , but once you grow older you realize gifts are no longer needed to make Christmas the best holiday ever.

10. JESUS CHRIST - Because after all , HE is the reason for this season. I anticipate the moment it hits 12, to say Happy Birthday to Jesus, and put Baby Jesus at the naciemiento/nativity we have at home. He is not only my best friend, but he is the lover of my soul. The man with all the answers. So to wait every December to celebrate his birthday is my greatest joy of all.

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Anonymous said...

i love this post! i almost do everything on there :D

especially numbers 9 & 10!

Duck said...

Really great list! Perfect outline of all things Christmas =)

Stephyy said...

wish I was in NY for Christmas time :(