Whats in my purse ?

I have been asked a couple times to do this again , since I did it - umm, two years ago? Lol. I havent because I was so lazy - I carry SO much crap with me. BUT now that I am pregnant , I cant carry so much around - since my back kills me most of the time and because too much weight is not safe for me to carry around all day. I have been into using Shoulder/Crossbody Bags. The one I am usually using is from Converse , which I bought at Target - I would say for about 20 dollars the most.

What Do I keep in the bag ?

1. My wallet
2. Hello Kitty coin purse
3. Purple Ink pen, Black ink Pen,Mechanical Pencil, & Pink 2in1 Highlighter/Postit Tabs
4. My IPOD
5. Mini Notepad
6. A black hair band
7. Purell Hand Sanitizer
8. Rohto Eyedrops
9. Mini nail filer
10. Beauty Rush lipgloss in I Want Candy
11. SoftLips in Sugar&Spice
12. Icebreaker Mints : SpearMint
13. Ed Hardy Mini Love Kills Slowly spray
14. My pink little pepper spray (2years & I havent had to use it - Thank you Lord,lol)

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Miss Tapia said...

I stopped using my purse when I got pregnant too. Now all I carry is the diaper bag.lol.

Anonymous said...

i love your bag! everything in there is so cute! i will do a post like this :D