A little Hip Hop News Rant...

- Mobb Deep is coming out with their 9th album ! Honestly I cant wait. After hearing them perform at rock the bells it reminded me of the Mobb deep I once loved. Not saying they werent good anymore once they signed to G unit...but they werent the Mobb deep the people wanted & listened to. The album sales says it all. I wish them nothing but success, and believe it is VERY smart of them to finally releasing independantly.

- Slaughterhouse has been saying they are just about ready to release their album real soon. I know many people that are excited about that news. Now being signed to Eminem, it gives their fans I feel even more of a reason to count down the days they can get their hands on that album. It was said that they currently have about 20 songs already recorded, yet are not sure which ones will make it on the album yet. All im saying is im patiently waiting for what I feel will be one of the best albums to come out in a while !!!

- Ruff Ryders are back ? well not yet - but its being said they are to release a compilation out in October of this year. The projects first single will actually be a remake of the 1998 hit track " Ruff Ryders Anthem " --- who thinks it will be just as good, better, or worse ? I honestly dont know how I feel about this. With DMX just returning from his jail sentence , I am hoping he used all his time in their to get back to his music, and hopefully his time in their inspired him and brung him back better than before. But I guess well figure that out next month.

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