Update time :)

Things have been great, hectic...but great. Im back at work & school. Jace is turning three months in 6days ! he is such a character already, always smiling laughing & baby talking like crazy. Its going so fast.....soon he will be crawling ! Lol. I have been working on my poetry a lott lately , & videos will be posted real soon :) im very excited to get back into that.

I went to rock the bells the weekend that just passed. It was such an amazing experience. ( Post will be up soon with videos & pictures ! )

I have been reconnecting with old friends, and just figuring out what friends I want to keep in my circle & which ones I need out. People dont realize how toxic they are sometimes to another persons life, and im just not having that - especially now that I have Jace.

Im trying my very best to keep my blog up to date - but as you can see things have been real busy for me now. If you guys ever want to request a post or just want to talk , here is where to find me :)

FB : Simpllygorjess.com
Twitter : Simpllygorjess
or Email me : Jsal529@gmail.com


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Cyndy said...

we had this talk at FIVE GUYS after they raped my pockets. But you are so right.