my pain in the butt !

Today is my brother Nene's birthday. As many of you that have been following my blog for a while, know that my brother was born with Cerebral Palsy, and its been a tough journey for us all. He has grown up right before my eyes & I am proud to say I was part of his growth. I gave my teenage days up to stay at home most days to care for him , help him with hw, get him ready for school in the Am's, and just being his older sister. Of course there were & STILL are many times I wanna just knock him upside the head , LOL. But I love him like I have loved no other man ......its really unconditional love. I love my other baby brother , but it does NOT compare to show I love Nene. Im pretty sure it is because I sacrificed for him , & I am always giving him my 150 percent. I love you Nene more than ever. You have changed my life in sooo many ways - but for the better. You made me a strong & loving, forgiving individual. I dont think I would be such a great mother if it were not for you in my life. I know I may be tough on you sometimes, but it is all because I want nothing but the best for you. Keep your head up && remember all the potential you have , if you just put your mind to it ! - xoxo , Your HunnyBuns !

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