happiness is OVER-rated !

Having a bad hair day so I put my hair into a beret <3 gotta love those things; they save my life every morning my hair doesn't want to work with me. I have been feeling super duper sick since last night but i managed to get ready & out of the house. My shirt is super EMO status ; but I definitely do not feel that way. Im pretty happy with my life right now ♥

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Rai said...

I love that shirt! Berets are hair savers. lol

You're so pretty though!!

gor(jess). said...

thanks raii :)

i knew you would love this shirt lol ; and yes berets are amazing !!

PIA said...

Shirt is so cuteee. Your so PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

too cute! I love the shirt :)

p1nk1sh said...

i agreed ^_^

KEYS said...

girl you are soo adorable!
i want you <3 haha
just sit and look cute in my room :]

and man i have no clue where id be without berets LOL!

gor(jess). said...

thanks guys for the compliments ; you all are lovely too :)

i have the prettttiest followers <3

kimee said...

i love berets & beanies! they make my day :)
& hello kitty is that DEAL!
& ur so cute!!