I Have a Resolution.


So I know people usually wait till new years to make resolutions ... but I wanted to make mine early. I have a really bad tendency of being cranky & moody a lot. If you have seen the email my boyfriend wrote me for our anniversary he says how I'm a moody girl haha - its VERY noticeable =/ I honestly don't do it purposely but when I'm sick or have a headache or theres a lot on my mind or something bad happens ; like bad hair day LMAO I get so irked that it kills my mood - & I know I need to stop letting little things phase me that much. So starting 2day I will try my best to be nice & happy even if things don't go my way .....Lets see if this can really work !


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Eternally Fixated said...

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PIA said...

I am going through the same EXACT thing. Personally, I think mine might be deeper like depression or a bipolar disorder.. GOOD LUCK girly! <3

briana said...

i def. need to try this too LOL! i keep upsetting the people closest to me on my "off" days :/ time to be nice LOL