Tis the Season .....

Getting started early. I couldnt help myself ; So I bought some christmas stuff already.

You all know how much i LOVE peeps candy ; SO ummm I just had to =X haha.

Then I found some cuuute Winnie the Pooh Candy Canes. I would have gotten the regular ones but the place I went to didnt have them. Hopefully this year I can find the pepermint candy canes ( the best ! ).

I got a couple other little things ; that I will not be showing till a later post because its stuff I got for other people. Such as christmas cards I will be sending and other little things.

My next blog will be later on tonight on my November Favorites; which I got the idea from La. Morena ... my lovely bloggette Rai :)

xoxo ; God Bless you lovelys ♥

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Rai said...

I soooo used to love Peeps years ago, but now I don't. lol

Holidays = Yummy Candies!! <3

I can't wait to see your post girly.

Lizzy said...

Omg, I want those candy canes!