TO ALL NY WOMEN ♥ . . . .

I work for an amazing organization that does just about everything for the community of NYC. My lovely co-workers decided that they wanted to start a Womens Revolution - Ladies Night kinda thing; which I believe to be a witty and exceptional idea; plus experience. It will start on Tuesday - January 5th @ 7:00PM at our job center on 175 Eldrige Ave in NYC;L.E.S. The flyer itself for the program says " WE SET OUT TO CREATE A SAFE, & NUTURING SPACE FOR WOMEN TO OWN THEIR FEELINGS,& EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CREATIVE RISKS.SIGN UP TODAY ONLY 25 SPOTS AVAILABLE! "

Feel free to hit me up for more info on it or if you are interested & I will find for you if spots are available. These two women have put a lot of hard work and time into the event that I know it will be worth going to. Dont be shy & come on by ! :)



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Sylvia said...

OMG!!!! Im so in!!! I would love this! please send me more info!

Lady G. & Cynz said...

woot woot represent girl!!!!