TO ALL NY WOMEN ♥ . . . .

I work for an amazing organization that does just about everything for the community of NYC. My lovely co-workers decided that they wanted to start a Womens Revolution - Ladies Night kinda thing; which I believe to be a witty and exceptional idea; plus experience. It will start on Tuesday - January 5th @ 7:00PM at our job center on 175 Eldrige Ave in NYC;L.E.S. The flyer itself for the program says " WE SET OUT TO CREATE A SAFE, & NUTURING SPACE FOR WOMEN TO OWN THEIR FEELINGS,& EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CREATIVE RISKS.SIGN UP TODAY ONLY 25 SPOTS AVAILABLE! "

Feel free to hit me up for more info on it or if you are interested & I will find for you if spots are available. These two women have put a lot of hard work and time into the event that I know it will be worth going to. Dont be shy & come on by ! :)




PLEASE read.

I am doing my first ever blog sale ; because I am trying to save up money to help my parents redecorate the house. I will be putting more stuff on the website that arent mine such as my moms & my brothers things. So please help me get rid of all these things ! If you can please make a post with the link to my blog sale page/post. Or even tweet about it if you can. I would really appreciate it; EVEN if your not buying anything - helping me get it to be known to others would be great help !


XOXO ; gorJESS ♥


November Faves ♥

1. NYC Long wearing nail enamel : Time Square Tangerine

I am ADDICTED to this color. I have been forgetting about all my other 200 nail polishes! LOL. I just feel like this color is so warm && at the same time bright. It also does last VERY long without chipping. Longer than usual nailpolishes I have tried.


2. Prestige Black Liquid Eyeliner

Its quite hard for me to make a straight line with liquid eyeliner ; till I used this one. Its so quick & simple due to how the point is formed. I love how quick it drys too & it last all day long without cracking.


3. Avon Sheer Naturale Lipstick

AMAZING nude for my lips. Its very light ; yet not too pale. Plus it smells good :) lol.


4. Maybelline New York Blush Bronzer - Sunlight.

I use this really as a like a coverup/ press powder. Because its not too bronze but does give it a brighter look. It blends very easily on my skin & it stays on for hours.


5. Avon In a wink - Instant eyeshadow sheets in Glow Bronze

These badboys come in a box with 14 sheets/pairs. I like them because not only are they simple to put on , but CREASE PROOF. They come in three different colors - to highlight; contour; & accent your eyes. I just break em in half; put the paper on my lid - tap it out & rub it with my finger & then using my blending brush I blend all the colors into eachother to create & finish the look.


6. Define a Lash Mascara - Brownish Black

I was using this mascara like two years ago and I liked it but I was interested in seeing how others would work. I have tried Lash Blast, & also Collasol; which are great too dont get me wrong. BUT this one is just the best of the best for me. I have came back to using it & its the only mascara I have been using for about two months now.




My First Blog Award :]

First off ; I want to thank Briana (http://www.briunscripted.com/) for nominating me for this award. Highly appreciate it that I was thought of. Your super sweet ♥

Soo . Now its the part where I have add 7 random interesting facts about myself. Enjoy --->

1. I cannot sleep in front of mirrors ; Phobia? Idk what its called but I just cant.
2. I'm allergic to honey. SO no candy corn or honey bbq chips for me !
3. I was the president of my school in Elementary school ; haha.
4. I'm in school right now to become a teacher. Hopefully for either 1st or 2nd grade :)
5. I am also getting my license in Daycare Management.
6. I write short stories; poetry . But have been working on a novel for about 6 years now.
7. I have had multiple dreams of being attacked by trolls; since I was young. LMAO - sadly I'm not joking.

Now time to nominate ------>

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Tis the Season .....

Getting started early. I couldnt help myself ; So I bought some christmas stuff already.

You all know how much i LOVE peeps candy ; SO ummm I just had to =X haha.

Then I found some cuuute Winnie the Pooh Candy Canes. I would have gotten the regular ones but the place I went to didnt have them. Hopefully this year I can find the pepermint candy canes ( the best ! ).

I got a couple other little things ; that I will not be showing till a later post because its stuff I got for other people. Such as christmas cards I will be sending and other little things.

My next blog will be later on tonight on my November Favorites; which I got the idea from La. Morena ... my lovely bloggette Rai :)

xoxo ; God Bless you lovelys ♥