question of the day ....

IF you were able to wake up tomorrow morning having gained any one ability or quality; WHAT would it be ?

That one is TOUGH ; but my answer would have to be " THE GIFT OF GOODBYE ". I wish I was that kind of person that saw the good ; in goodbyes. The type of person that did not dwell on the past or situations .. and just said ehh , it is what it is. I think that's such a great quality for someone to have because it saves you so much time & stress. It lets you see the positive in any negative situation. I have a friend that no matter how long or amazing the relationship is ; she can learn to move on from it ...and not from finding a rebound, but by just seeing the good in it & never looking back. I think that's amazing, like I have no idea how she does .. but i WISH I was able to do the same.

So what do you think ....What would ability or quality would you want ?


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