3:16 AM.

I cant sleep :( ... I meannn it is Saturday night ... I should be out right now doing something , but I stayed in. Like I have been doing every weekend lately. But its okay, I just finished playing psp2 with my little brother. I also did some online shopping =X ....I suck at saving money.

Ive been thinking a lot lately about settling. Usually a girl always seems to find a real good guy that falls head over heels for them and will cater to there every need, the sex is amazing, your family and friends loves him, he makes good $$, and everything just great ...but you just dont feel those butterflies in your tummy. That amazing giddy feeling like your back in JHS; ya know? I heard the saying " love is so much more than butterflies in your stomache" . I do believe it is, but can you really be inlove without it ? . Ive been in that situation were everything just seems to be amazingly perfect besiides the fact that I KNEW I could never make myself fall inlove with dude. Its such a sucky feeling, cus its like you know your missing out..but you cant do anything about it. If your heart isnt in it , then why bother right? Do you guys think after pushing it for a few years you can MAKE yourself fall inlove? IDK. I feel like I tryed hard enough. Usually when I first meet a dude I know if im going to fall for him easily or not, maybe thats just cus im a hardcore hopeless romantic ( well; used to be atleast lol ).

the thought of it has just been urking me.


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esspee*. said...

Urghhhhh trust me girl I know EXACTLY what you mean. I can name the perfect person that has it ALL, and I could still have 'til this day, but . . . I just don't like him LIKE THAT. It just sucks lol. Blah. Like I said earlier, WE CAN NEVER BE PLEASED lol.

Stephie J said...

Oh boy. when i saw the line "Ive been thinking alot about settling" I knew this was a bad idea!! DO NOT DO IT!! People who settle get stuck in a relationship that is VERY hard to get out of. When you meet the one.. you will know. you WILL feel butterflies in ur tummy and you will feel like everything is perfect. When you find that person.. DO NOT let that feeling go away!! You can read my blog and see how it went away.. Now we need to try and get it back.. which I know we can.

Just wait. Please don't settle.

Sorry for my rant! :) Its all out of <3

gor(jess). said...

ur both the best . lol. stephie i needed that smack of reality ! haha.