my wish list :) UPDATED.

SO of course I want happiness, love && peace..all that good stuff...but um, we are living in a material world && i am a material girl ..so here I go listing my wish list of things I want. I will cross them off while I get them :)
* my birthdays in may * hint hint ! lmao.

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy -- Authentic or not , as long as it doesnt look fake I'm happy.
2. Ipod touch or pink Ipod Nano
3.Gossip Girl Season One
4. Gossip Girl book Collection
5.Pocket Size Bible ( because the one I have is HUGE & weighs more than me ! LOL)
6. Chanel Frames
7. New phone - either Blackberry or IPhone
9. MAC; LA Girls; LA Color; Sephora; ELF; NYX; Mark; Urban Decay Makeup
10. A HUGEEE Hello Kitty
11. A cute fish - either a Dwarf Puffer; Bettas; or Pink Cichlid
12.Forever 21 Gift Cards
13. Anythinggg that has to do with Hello Kitty <3
14. Shoes shoes & more Shoes !
16. Miss Dior Cherie;Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker; Paris Hilton Perfume; Viva La Juicy Perfume Set
20. A new ceramic Straightner
21. A trip to Florida for a week <3

Some things are a bit pricey ; I know I know ! LOL. But Ill love just about anything someone gets me ; even if its flowers( I LOVE FLOWERS ) or a simple card <3


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stephyy said...

awe lol well I already know what to get you then ;) not tellinnnn haha hopefully when I go to NY I'll give it to you if not I'll mail that shit to you!

Rai said...

LMAO @ #1. I feel the exact same way. I just want one. =D

I have like 2 Gossip Girls books that I was going to sell at a yard sale... if you want them, they are all yours. haha Just send me an e-mail.

I want some of the stuff on your list. If you get any...share!