Just got home from my new job, its pretty cool...even though its type slow most of the time. LOL. But its pretty cool just sitting around & and answering calls ...chillin on a computer all day. But yeah I got home not too long ago ...to of course having to hear my parents arguing on the phone , as I have to hear DAILLY. I dont get it , there divorced...been divorced for 8 years, remmarried and all that ..yet still they find a way to yell at eachother every singgggle day. It aggrivates the shit out of me ..and then they wonder why I want to move out so badly. I cannot wait , with this new job I can move out MUCH sooner , so thank God.

Since " Call Jessica Day " I have been MIA, cus ..well I simply dont care. LOL. Guys are just more drama to add to your day ...so ill stick to work , school && my friends and family that care enough to stick around no matter what happens. & dont just dissapear on && off. The saying is so true -- be yourself -- the people who mind dont matter, but the people who matter dont mind.

But yeah Ima go and shower/eat && then go to bed EARLLY. Gotta be at work again at 8AM till 6 ; wish me luckkk.

God bless :)


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elena said...

congrats on your new job<3 lol, & parents suck! but you gotta love em.

cute blog.

Stephie J said...

Im sorry you have to go through that. Its not fair to you.

Are you working at a call centre? I used to work at one here and I liked it.. get used to being yelled at tho:P.


Heya, this is my first time on your blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. Ciao. ~ Secret Diary ... http://RFourBiz.Blogspot.com ... http://Twitter.com/TheSecretDiary

gor(jess). said...

stephie ....Ive been there for a week ...and trust me ALOT of yelling already =( lol. ( LOCKSMITH COMPANY )

ill get the hang of it though..or quit soon , either or lol

&& thanks elena, yes they suck at times ..but ill love em unconditionally ..headache after headache lol.