Call Jessica Day; LMAO.

Oh man , oh man. Last night ....was interesting. My phone was ringing off the hook , it was either one of my ex's or a dude I used to talk to. Dead ass four of them all called out of the blue yesterday. Some after years of not speaking to them. Like WTF? Was it Call Jessica Day yesterday and no one told me? LOL. It was number after number that had no name to it ( because I deleted them all off my phone book ). It was pretty funny to me because I would have no clue it was one of them, till I would answer each time. It would be so awkward because some I couldn't even tell who it was till after a good five minutes of speaking , then id be like oooooh WOW, its you ! LMAO.

None of them called on some " Just wanted to see how your doing " type shit either. One called to ask me to have dinner with him, or should I say BEG? lol. The other one was drunk out of his mind and wanted to remind me that he " loved me, and couldnt do it without me anymore ...blah ...blah ...blah ". The other two were very nonchalant at first trying to see how I was and then slipped in the .. " I miss talking to you " which led to making " plans " ....but whatever we will see about that one. MIND YOU , one has a girlfriend that USED to be my friend.

It was just so funny, I felt like it was God testing me though. Cus its so random for that to happen the very next day before I said " that's it I'm swearing off guys, I'm not talking to anyone, I'm going to worry about myself and that's all ". Then one by one all these jerk offs decide to call me. LOL. Two out of the four guys were AMAZINGLY good to me , but of course those were the ones I broke it off with. I'm not going to let it ruin my plans though, I'm still only going to focus on me myself && i.

There my past for a reason right ?


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Caroline de Araujo said...

awh congrats to you for stayin strong & sticking to your "me, myself, & I" plan. & you're right, it does seem like it was some sorta test. & shoot, by the 3rd caller I'd be like STOP CALLING ME! lol :)

Stephie J said...

Play it cool:). Dont move forward with any of them too fast!!