25 things that irritate me ....

1. Having people wait up on me.
2. No HOT water to shower ! Grr.
3. When someone makes plans ; yet does not care to call & say they cant anymore.
4. When people act like there NOT texting while speaking to you on the phone; lol.
5. People who stare real hard on trains/buses.
6. A person who can lie straight to your face; without feeling guilt.
7. When my phone freezes on me :(
9. People who are way too cocky ; for no good reason.
10. When guys REALLY think girls arent better at "the game" than them. =X we ARE. sorry.
11. Guys/Girls who are over the top clingy to there boyfriend/girlfriends.
12. People who ignore answering serious questions.
13. Guys who wear shades at night ! Please; just stop.
14. When my room is messy; I cant sleep in a messy room.
15. Frames/Pictures on the wall are not straight.
16. Drunk ANNOYING people; who swear up & down that there NOT drunk.
17. Girls who act like super slut buckets.
18. Guys that holla at you on the street ; and then when you walk away from them automatically you hear " your not even cute bitch " --uhuh. lol.
19. Getting followed around a store ; like im gunna steal something. DO I LOOK LIKE IM GOING TO STEAL YOUR DOLLAR NECKLACES?
20. When I go to a mets game; and they lose :(
21. Trying stuff on in fitting rooms ; too much of a hassle for me. LOL.
22. Forgetting I have makeup on & rub my eyes =/
23. Real cute guys ... that have no brains; very unfortunate.
24. Doing something for someone; and not getting a thankyou.
25. Caddy girls/guys , who want to start stuff or "not like" someone for no real reason.

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